Red Bull mistake costs Riccardo P3


Daniel Ricciardo described his P4 qualifying efforts as a “downer”.

“We had a miscommunication starting the lap. We didn’t start in full power, so I was two tenths slower already getting into turn one.

“That’s the two tenths we needed to be third, that’s free lap time for nothing. Of all the places – it’s not the place you want to give away a pole position – pretty disappointed.

“Fourth and fifth is a good result, but third and fifth would have been great.

Ricciardo was unhappy with the team following the end of the qualifying session, and he admitted to SKY F1, “I’ve calmed down a little now, but it was… pretty frustrating”.

Christian Horner was philosophical about Ricciardo failing reach beat Vettel to P3, “It looks like Seb underperformed anyway on his final run.”

Horner also believes the likelihood of getting onto the podium tomorrow is “small.”

When asked about whether there would be a repeat of his 2014 duel with Sebastian Vettel, the Aussie grin quickly returned. “If we can’t get Seb off the start…. We’ll try and umm… give him a little bit of pressure [laughs].

“He felt me last year, we’ll try and remind him of 2014 again.”

8 responses to “Red Bull mistake costs Riccardo P3

  1. Once in a long while RB don’t embarrass themselves and e voilà they get cocky again. Was Horner too busy looking at Bimbo Spice’s assets to notice that Rosberg flintstoned his tyre right in front of Vettel and basically forked up the last run for both of them?

    Ferrari got basically screwed over by the track temperature, which dropped by 5° between Q1 and Q3, even Merc did admit that their gap was bigger than they expected due to the lower temps.

    • I thought that Ferrari would have been a tad quicker but Britney managed to lockup on his last run and spoilt the party,I did wonder in q2 if he was setting up a little dick dasterly move again but after watching the onboard he was fafing around with the wheel in the last corner I just wonder if he became a tad distracted. I am now praying to any god that will listen…let it bloody rain

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