#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Bonfires in the Paddock


This week’s show welcomes back Peter “the Truth” Wright, digital lawyer extraordinaire who refuses to disclose his location, but is happy to disclose his hourly rate to Spanners, whom he bills for services rendered on previous podcasts, sending Spanners’ Pucker Factor to 11. He is joined by Anil “Nutella” Parmar spreading the love of refuelling this time and vigorously protesting he was not a student whilst searching for a new bromantic partner in the absence of the much missed but slightly long winded Craig. Chief Khan-trarian AJ crawls out from under his rock in the Editor’s hut long enough join in the festivities by telling us all how wrong we are and Mattpt55 unshackles himself from the velour throne of race coverage and performs dangerous experiments with gin and sleep deprivation for the greater good of mankind and general entertainment of the panel. Finally, Host-in-Chief and the ever sartorially consistent Spanners shares his secrets with all and sundry as he reveals the previously hidden existence of a 2nd blue shirt. Who indeed could have seen that coming? The opening question was a doozy indeed concerning life lessons learnt too late, and guess who it was that *didn’t* talk about women. No really, guess, you’ll have to listen to find out.

The panel this week thoroughly deconstructs in savage detail the Strategy Group’s proposal for the betterment of the Show. Refuelling and Customer Cars get top billing as Mattpt55 gets so distracted by bright and shiny objects he fails utterly to ask his brilliant question if customer cars are approved, should they be eligible for WCC points. Anil reads everyone the riot act about refuelling and as talk turns to practical application, the school of TJ13 bright ideas enjoys it’s first semester of existence as they attempt to find a way to make Monaco interesting again. Peter, however, defends the honour of the crown jewel with such passion that his internet goes out, at least when he’s not advising AJ on the proper placement of the word allegedly so as to avoid legal action from Mr E.’s legal team. Don’t worry AJ we edited out the word allegedly and oops! Sorry, forgot to put it back in. Our Bad.

Spanners makes Mattpt55 go first (what a novelty) this week on his quiz, Formula 1 or Fiction but will Anil make it 3 out of 4 correct answers? Find out if the worm has truly turned as the panel search their collective memory to see if they can distinguish reality from fantasy.

This week’s Things seeks to learn if there really is much for F1 to learn from other racing series and we discover the answer is yes, sort of. Also learned is just why the TV show Outlander was not available in UK till recently and the answer is cricket. Or rather not.

Thanks again to the Jury for all the brilliant points they made that we once again completely ignored in favor of making juvenile jokes at Spanner’s expense. We promise we’ll do better next week… Really

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11 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Bonfires in the Paddock

    • I studied (note the past tense) a Chemistry degree at the University of Nottingham.

      Although I do work with students, which apparently makes me one?! They’re never gonna drop it, are they? 🙁

      • Ahhh we’ve an Alchemist in our midst… Keep that philosophers stone in good condition otherwise the lead to gold conversions won’t work well; or so I’ve read.

        Difficult degree, good one mate. I was hoping it wasn’t an Arts degree. 🙂

        But seriously, I think you’re correct; no, they probably won’t stop… Hey, it could be worse. You could be in your early 30’s with a receding hair line, a closet of blue blue shirts, desperate to get your own spot on the radio and begging your wife for a Korean au pair… I just made that hypothetical up, but it’s just illustrating how bad it can get.

        I’ve gone and done it now, haven’t I?

  1. Spanners seems to know a bit about american television, due to his Quantum Leap opening last week, so I thought he might enjoy this little clip of my favorite all time sit-com, Newsradio, it is relevant to an ongoing theme.
    Additionally, Spanners, check out
    You are not the only one to have issues with truck height…

    Great podcast this week gentlemen.

    I was watching the live feed, and Spanners was about to ask a question to the jury at the very end, when the livestream went dead. I think it had to do with suggestions regarding the chat room, so here is my recommendation…

    There seems to be quite a bit of delay to the chat, in relation to the stream. It would be nice to test it out, and see what the time actually is.

    Since there is a delay, it might be useful to use a 3rd party chat application, which may be more up to the moment with the podcast.

    As suggested during the show, it might be useful to have one person dedicated to following the chat during the broadcast. I have noticed some of the podcast participants being distracted from the topic at hand, and they seem to be following the chat room. Keeping the participants focused on the discussion is obviously a necessity.
    Maybe to compensate for the delay, the major points of each topic should be outlined before the discussion, allowing the chat room enough time to get their comments in before the discussion ends.
    just my thoughts.

    • It’s gonna take some time for people to get used to having a chatroom.

      I didn’t have the correct set up so I looked in there once only to see that I was being roundly mocked. Lol.

      There is an art and a skill to it. We will get there and do the live stream justice.

      There’s a great sense of community in there already Even though numbers are small. we could do with a few more so spread the word if it’s somewhere you enjoy hanging out.

      As for the delay I really don’t know. Every podcast chatroom I go into has a delay. I think forewarning of the topics for the chat room is a great idea. I’ll have a think about what we can do. Not sure I’d have the time to knock up a chatroom version of the show notes. Any volunteers?

    • It will pass your honour. Can’t expect an old dog like Matt to pick it up straight away. Emoji

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