Hamilton stops short of promising contract announcement in Monaco


hammy 2The most interminable topic F1 writers used to find themselves having to pen meaningless copy over, was the F1 calendar. Though in the past nine months a new candidate has ousted Bernie’s pet subject from the top of the list of headlines.

Lewis Hamilton and his contract negotiations with Mercedes have been filling every F1 writer with a pre-disposed skepticism as one soft deadline after another comes and goes.

We are 99.6% of the way there, was Lewis interpretation of the negotiations during the Malaysian GP weekend, yet the final 0.4% feels as large a gap to bridge as Ferrari’s 45 second deficit to Mercedes in Barcelona.

There have been rumours the Lewis wants to be paid more than any other current F1 driver because he is the man of the moment and the current F1 champion driver. On the flip side, Mercedes appear to have been suggesting that their dominant F1 car is the key to Hamilton’s latest driver title and threatened publicly to recruit a replacement for Lewis.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for those of us regular writing recaps of the debacle that has been this contract extension negotiation. Speaking to the assembled media in Barcelona, an assertive Hamilton was clear about what has been and what we should expect.

“All stories that have come out about money are generally bullshit. That is not the case. It is utter bullshit, basically”.

The eloquent Lewis Hamilton continues offering hope for the F1 scribblers. “You’ll see it in Monaco. I will have some news for you in Monaco.”

It is too early in the season for Hamilton to be announcing a move away from Mercedes, though the form of words he used is not an absolute promise of a done deal with Mercedes.

However, having been dominated by his team mate all weekend at the Spanish GP, a new contract announced in Monaco would be a good news story for Lewis ahead of what will be a tough battle with Rosberg.

Nico has been conquered the streets of the principality for two years, claiming pole and the win in 2013 and 2014.

Once again, the Mercedes rotation policy of who runs last during Q3 will see Lewis get the final lap on Saturday. Previous form suggests Hamilton will be chasing a Rosberg time and will need to deliver his best, if he is to start the race from the front of the grid.

Once again, the qualifying hour will be the main excitement of the GP weekend in Monaco, as the outdated circuit year after year fails to provide anything resembling a race, for the modern F1 cars.

13 responses to “Hamilton stops short of promising contract announcement in Monaco

  1. Monaco still is one of my favorites..
    I mean we get around 10 boring races a year, it might aswell be boring at a very exclusive venue. Until the rain drops…

    • Haha, you do have a point and I’ve never thought of it that way! I normally say Monaco is pants, but yeah I suppose at least it’s a little different.

      I just hate all the celebs being there, pretending they know something about F1.

      • Whilst the fans have pretty poor viewing vantage points and have to trail in and out from Nice every day because the Hotels cost a fortune.

        Its no surprise Monaco attendances have been falling for some years.

        Even the big corporates are not entertaining there anymore in anything like the numbers they used to.

        Shareholders are not impressed with vast sums being spent on executive trips to Monaco – and Singapore has become the new place where these people go to do ‘business’.

  2. Lewis already said he’ll be going out first. Whomever sets the best first-run Q3 lap will take pole. It’s been the running theme in their quali battles.

      • Maybe the Ham man intends to park it somewhere awkward after posting his time? 😉

      • Hamilton got last run last year, didn’t he? Maybe Monaco is treated as the one off it is.

      • I think we all know why. Does that track evolve that much more b/c of the one or two cars ahead of you? Lewis will go out first, and Nico will of course know why. Whichever one has “that” in their mind more during their final laps, won’t get pole.

        • Mmm. I’d check your statistics as to when exactly pole position has been secured in Q3 in Monaco over the past 10 years.

          Just because you make assertions (aka guesses) doesn’t mean they are true.

          Also if you are suggesting Lewis intends to go out and yellow flag the qualy session to block Nico – if he does, sure as eggs are eggs he’ll be rumbled.

          Another explanation for giving up the right to go last in Q3 could be Lewis is spooked by his own assertion that Rosberg stiffed him in 2014.

          Lewis chose to come out after the team had made representations to the stewards that Nico was innocent. Whether they are right or wrong this leaves Lewis in a Mercedes personnel minority of 1.

  3. Now that after Spain Merc showed is stil way ahead than the rest, Lweis will sign by Monaco, no doubt

  4. Barring mechanical problems and celebrity Hamilton losing focus, Hamilton should get his third title this year. Rosberg may give him a run but I just don’t think he’s consistently quick enough to beat Hamilton over a season. I imagine Hamilton sees it the same way in which case he may be thinking about trying to win a fourth title with a different team. Ferrari’s new order and ballooning budget may just make a 2017 switch tempting. Mercedes have had 2 years of domination, if I were Hamilton I would be wondering about signing on for another 3 years.

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