Autosport #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Spanish GP 2015


This weekend saw the first race back on European soil. For most of the manufacturers expectations were high however it is safe to say that Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren-Honda were probably hoping for a major improvement.

Sadly, whatever gains were made by Ferrari and Red Bull were all but matched and probably bettered by Mercedes. And McLaren-Honda? Let us not dwell on that, rather let us turn our attention to our TJ13 Courtroom League.

Almost Perfect Prediction

WOW! Just WOW!! hrga12 improved a very impressive 113 places to move into 31st position. Yes, there is still a long way to go but hrga12 got the top 6 correct, scored points in the lower half plus pole position and fastest lap. The only prediction that did not get points was positions gained. He was closely challenged by ttank who made up a just as impressive 110 places. Another top race like this and we will have both challenging for the lead!

GP Predictor 1

On the up

Making up 12 positions and nowClosing in Rohan1504. Yes, there is still 27 points between Rohan1504 and and Boden86 at the top of the TJ13 Courtroom League but as we’ve seen this week, a 27 point lead can turn into a 20 point lead and who knows where it goes from there.

GP Predictor 2

The only way is up

When Will They Pit gambled but the dice did not fall in his favour. Perhaps reading too much into the promised updates from Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren-Honda. It also appears banking on a rejuvenated Raikkonen was a mistake. With 18% accuracy and only 21 points, When Will They Pit dropped 41 places!

GP Predictor 3

Nobody saw it coming

Maldonado managed to destroy his car without crashing into anyone. Ok, perhaps we saw it coming, it’s Maldonado after all but still, how long will Lotus put up with the Venezuelan?

In other news, Nico finally manages to beat his team mate who just did not seem ‘on it’ this past weekend. What will the future hold? Where is my crystal ball 😉

Food for thought

Last time out we pondered the fortunes of Red Bull. With their updated car not delivering the desired results and their drivers being lapped Horner has all but written 2015 off. Adding insult to injury they were also out-qualified by the little bulls, also running a Renault power unit.

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