#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: We Offered Them Spanners


This week’s podcast panel sees the debut of yet another new podcaster (wouldn’t really be a debut otherwise, natch) Peter Wright, the digital lawyer himself, who offers his insights on the Hamilton contract contretemps and can easily be annoyed @DigitalLawUK in the twittersphere. He turns out to exist outside the cloud, too, and joins the ever inflammatory wallowing one, Faaattttt Hipppppooooo, Chief Editor and logorrheaical expert AJ, the ever brilliantly talented Mattpt55 (mysteriously late to this episode he was missed by, well let’s face it, he was missed when the bill came up short) and your ever blue-shirted Host-in-Chief SpannersReady whose ability to both breathe and walk at the same time have been impressing those about him ever since he learned to stop tying his shoes together.

In addition to the look at Lewis’ negotiating skills, the panel this week explores the ever murky depths of FOM politics and boardroom shenanigans, visits the never dull topic of VAG in F1, and in turn gets a visit by the most mildy interested of F1 fans, Daryl, who enlightened all with his multi-culti thoughts and guitar.

Find out who received the scarlet L of shame this week in the feature formerly known as Formula 1 or Fiction (now renamed In the Dock by the Judge himself) and which panelist got saved from an actionable statement by legal ace Peter during things we learned. The Jury makes a strong showing as well this week so a shout out to all the regulars on the livestream, and remember, no being funnier than us in the comments!

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5 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: We Offered Them Spanners

  1. Judge’s question:

    Forrest Gump. Never watched it, and whenever that dirty little fact has come up over the years, I’ve been either admonished and told that “you MUST watch it”, or met with the surprise one might expect to receive if they’d expressed that man might not have actually landed on the moon.

    An actual exchange I recall:

    (Please give the language below a wide berth. It was a chat between friends, and it’s more or less verbatim for effect, so sensitive souls, please skim now.)

    Friend: So whadda ya doin tonight, mate? I’m staying in tonight with the missus. Think I gotta sit through something shit like Forrest Gump again.

    Me: You know, I’ve never even seen that. It does look like a shithouse movie.

    Friend: Really?! How the fuck have you missed it! Lucky c*^t.

    Me: It’s not really my thing. Isn’t it just a bloke running around a lot, like a dickhead. You’ve gotta be retarded, right?

    Friend: He is retarded, mate.


    Me: Want another beer?


  2. + 1 Thumbs up Mr Wtf???, you will not regret watching F1 is like a box of chocolates. I will go with Citizen Kane for mine. Big movie fan, but I’ve just not been able get past the , nope never tried I guess. It’s really hard too, when you know the ending and all. I don’t think I can possibly spoil anything now when I say Rosebud. Oh well, it’s on the list of Orsen Wells things.

    Keep up the podcasts please. These are as informative as midweek motor sports. For me, it’s a tie, then comes a bunch of randoms until we arrive at what are you imbibing.

  3. Also, who the duck? (WTF) is going to buy F1? Other than the multi 21, I don’t see it. When the Bernie lets go of the rains, who may that be. I do like his daughter though. So many ways.

  4. Also, also, a movie I may recommend. Defending Your Life. With Albert Brooks and a cast of many. Beware, very, very dry humor ahead. Boo scary.

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