Nurburgring cancelled over 3 million Euro’s


The famous Nurburgring venue has been a thorn in Ecclestone’s side for a number of years. Awaiting sale and the subject of an EU investigation, the venue for the 2014 GP negotiated a zero hosting fee deal with F1’s CEO.

The Nurburgring race promoters strung out those negotiations with Ecclestone to the extent that signatures on the agreement were garnered just weeks before the F1 circus was due to arrive in town.

‘The Ring’ was put up for sale, and Ecclestone made a bid on the venue, which includes the old Nordeschliefe circuit, Hotels and a Theme Park. Bernie’s offer was rejected, reputedly because of his impending high profile fraud trial in Bavaria.

The cancellation of the German GP due to be held this year at Nurburgring, was a result of disagreements between Ecclestone and the Nurburgring’s race promoters.

The chairman of the governing motorsport body in Germany, the DMSB, has revealed on Servus TV that the race was cancelled due to a disagreement over just “two to three million euros”.

Representatives of the Eiffel region’s circuit apparently offered “a good sum”. Though Ecclestone rejected it “in his typical style”.

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  1. They should have took his offer when he made it and sold the whole bloody thing to him. At least they would be having a German GP this year if they had took Bernard’s money when it was on the table!
    Although he owns Paul Ricard (not sure of spelling) but there is no French GP so I guess it would have Bern a shot in the dark to sell him Nurbergring. But you can guarantee his cheque wouldn’t have bounced……

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