Red Bull suffering a “spiral of negativity”


The design of the RB11 is repeatedly being questioned. Plumes of brake dust were seen emerging from the wheel hubs as the Dan’s entered heavy breaking zones on Herman Tilkes first offering to F1.

Since last time out the Milton Keynes’ team have switched the core of their braking system back to the 2014 Brembo based unit, yet having solved one problem appears to have created another – overheating.

Yesterday Daniel Kvyat slithered off the circuit at turn 14 whilst dawdling back to the pits, due to no brake pressure. Horner admitted, “Something overheated within the rear hub assembly,” said Horner. “As a result of that we lost pressure in the master cylinder half way round the lap.

“We asked him to drive back slowly without using the brakes if at all possible, but unfortunately he had to brake at turn 14 and he had a very slow off.

“It’s frustrating it’s happened, but all the relevant pieces are intact so we can find out what the root cause was.”

”The Red Bull team principal asserted, “today was a one-off and can be sorted for tomorrow.”

Yet in FP3 today, the other Dan had a brake failure during the session and the Russian driver was told to take it easy to cool the brakes too.

Christian Horner revealed. “It looks like he’s got a hot right rear, so we did an extra lap just to cool them down. Looks like there’s maybe some kind of blockage in there, the cooling’s not working as it should.

“We need to understand. There’s something that’s not quite happy in there, so we’ve got an hour to get it sorted. We need to get on top of it. It’s OK for a short run but for a longer… It’s a good job that we did the longer run to find it today.

“The guys will obviously get into it and understand it.”

Yet the spiral of negativity at Red Bull continues and whilst less so in public, the direction of angst is still primarily toward Renault.

The team owner Dietrich Mateshitz has been stalking the paddock, repeating his threat to withdraw from F1. A Sky source reveals this threat is not empty.

Ted Kravitz reported that there are “arguments, there’s blame and a lot of negativity at Red Bull, which as a team we’re used to seeing with a fun image – there’s no fun at Red Bull at the moment, its really messy with Helmut Marko seemingly having arguments every other moment with Cyril Abiteboul (of Renault) in the paddock”.

This is typical Nouveau Riche behaviour. Super fast success leading to domination often creates a mind-set that believes a continuance at ‘the top’ is the way it should always be – and if it is not, someone else must be to blame.

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  1. So sick of this team – Mateshithead and the one eyed doctor can do one. They’re only in F1 purely for marketing purposes, not a long term team by any means

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