#F1 in Art: Echoes of a nearby future

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Andries van Overbeeke

Editors Note: When TJ13 started the vision was simple, the voice of Formula 1 fans – by the fans for the fans. As the TJ13 community grew more and more people from different walks of life shed light on aspects of the sport that they find interesting. The result is that the content published through TJ13 is different and often unique but more than that, it gives the community a voice.

AndriesvanOverbeeke1editThere was a time when the racing world was ruled by savage beasts. They were captured just before the snowy season, when noble brave men had one winter to tame this creature. After months of championship battle, a  handful of the best animals were kept for another winter of training, while the others were set free again.

The mixing of the creatures in the wild with their variety of genes gave rise to diversity at all levels. Every hunting season new species were discovered, with unseen traits that were often invincible and sometimes remarkable. We have all heard the myth of the hexapod.

AndriesvanOverbeeke2editBut somewhere along the way, things changed. Once beloved peculiarities were now seen as monstrosities. The eccentric ones became a freaks, and were put down and hunted down until none were left.

Where we once witnessed battles like Dhalsim vs Blanka, these days only one species is left. But not without risk. Although it is strong, lack of genetic diversity leads to weaknesses that can wipeout a whole species at once. There is an ongoing ailment involving nasal deformation, causes by living in the standardised cages. We must set them free.

Legend goes that in the remote untraveled fields, savages still roam. Let life find a way.



5 responses to “#F1 in Art: Echoes of a nearby future

  1. Now I really like that car. The lower rear wing (a la pre 09) just looks right. I personally think the current rear wings look a bit flimsy and boring.

    • I disagree. I like the car, very much, but there is something wrong with that rear wing…

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