4 responses to “#F1 Testing Jerez Day 2: Vettel and Ferrari Stays on Top

  1. You guys are supplying some of the most interesting information to come out of Jerez, even compared to the guys who get paid to do it, great job, give yourselves a pat on the back, you should be proud of what you are achieving.

  2. Excellent work!

    Two minor quibbles:
    – I have a sneaky feeling that you are filming all of this in HD… Would it be possible to allow HD quality on the Youtube channel? It’s sad to see such excellent content ruined by local video playback pixelation… Also, I know I’m probably the only one in these quarters railing about this, but 96 kbps bitrate is kind of too low for pretty much any application (it simply distorts the audio sound waves way too much); taking it up a notch to 128 kbps would cost very little in terms of resources, whether encoding or storage…
    – It would great to have for each car that you’re showing off a band of video where the car’s audio is provided as is, raw, as filmed (i.e. no adjustment for audio commentary, etc.). Now of course you’re already doing this, but what bothered was that these bands were smoothed in transitions, thus cutting off the end and the beginning of each band. Personally I’d like to see bands starting from no sound and then car appears and engine gets more and more perceptible; and at the end sound disappears away until sound is no more. The current transitions are excellent, but it gives to me a sense of hurriedness, and it’s as if I can’t fully appreciate the sound of the engine from beginning to end…

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