#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: I thought that was gonna be funnier


This week. We talk FOM taking action against social media use of F1 and other trademarks and ‘wordmarks’. We also preview the pre-season testing at Jerez which start on 1st February and we invite YOU to come karting with us at Rye House.

Join Spanners, AJ, John, Matt and special guest Oliver Weingarten.

This week’s artist is Alias Kid with their song Dirty Soul. If you like what you hear give their Facebook page a like and pre-order their song on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

Why not join us at Rye House for some karting action? Call Rye House on 01922 460 895 and quote “TJ13 2PM march 28th” to book. This will give you a 20% discount on the standard cost of a race session.

You need to arrive at 1pm and the qualifying and race starts at 2pm. After the race (at around 3.30pm) we will grab a pint and the winner will get his special TJ13 trophy. If the session is fully booked when you call, please leave your name and contact details on the waiting list and we will let you know if spaces become available.

If we can get enough for a second session we may open up an identical session at 10am which Spanners (at a minimum) will also race in. People from the 10am session would be done and dusted by 11.30 or so and of course would be welcome to hang around and watch the second race and join us in the pub afterwards.

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10 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: I thought that was gonna be funnier

  1. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the crew and chatting in the real world and not just a virtual one. As I’ve already said I can’t stretch to racing as I’m just a lowly poorper (not F1’s target audience, not over 70, don’t have loads of spare cash and I don’t aspire to owning a Rolex) and it will sting me £40 for fuel just to get there. I can justify that to my sponsor (the misses) as worth while, I just can’t secure funding for a race seat at the moment, but I’m very hopeful for the future and it is a step in the right direction (i sound like I’ve been appointed 3rd driver but with no FP1 appearances lol)

  2. You should give everyone a name badge so we can put our comments section alias 2st then our real name, that way we can all put names to faves and also no-one need get embarrassed by not being able to remember someone’s name. I know that I for 1 an not great at getting names right 1st time and there will be a lot of new faces there.
    Just a suggestion to help things go off smoothly.

      • Wish I could grab the Eurostar and have some wheel to wheel fun with you guys… But I’ll have to pass as my commute from California would be expensive.

        Those pro-karts do look like fun. A bit south of Rye House is the Lakeside facility and I’ve been entertained by this gentleman’s efforts wrestling those rental karts around in the wet…


        Not sure I’d wish a wet track on you folks, but personally I’d be happy either way (wet or dry) if I were to don a helmet, some gloves and a suit against this crowd.

        Good luck and best wishes.

  3. The discussion on FOM’s new randomized war against fans, and bloggers on social media with DMCA as their weapon of choice was helpful. While the feature article on the same subject was already very helpful, this discussion on the podcast had useful additional information to fill in the story.

    It prompted me to check on my local F1 fan club here in Southern California. I noticed our twitter account had lost our icon (back to the egg icon!). If I recall correctly, the icon had featured something similar to the F1 logo. In any case I pointed the group organizer (and twitter account holder) toward the TJ13’s article on the subject to enable him to get up to speed quickly.


  4. Podcast question.
    If you could turn the last 60years of F1 into an Epic Hollywood blockbuster, which actors would you choose for the key roles?
    Eg- Jacky Stuart played by Ewan McGregor (when he still sounded Scottish) or Ron Dennis played by Vinni Jones, Enzo Ferrari played by Charlton Heston, Colin Chapman played by John Cleese (slightly Basil Faulty), you get the idea. You can use actors from any era and at any particular point in their careers.

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