The TJ13 #F1 courtroom podcast – Only 63 iPhone Charges till Christmas


Someone forgot to tell the rowdy crowd that every week loots the Judge’s moderate beer resources (we’re talking a measly few tens of thousands of litres here), that the season’s been over so they recorded anyway, just out of habit.

TJ13’s somewhat hung-over host Richard is joined by heart-broken Ferrari lover extra-ordinaire Carlo, who has no idea about the concept of Lady-Boys, the Fat Hippo, whom you might encounter stark-naked if you happen to be in Kalatchinsk, Siberia in deep winter, TJ13’s wine guzzling expert AJ and former F1 CMO Dr. Gary Hartstein, who, much to the crowd’s relief, chose to be properly clothed this time – enjoy. 🙂

The music this week is provided by Great White Buffallo. [Facebook] [Twitter] [Soundcloud] [Album]

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12 responses to “The TJ13 #F1 courtroom podcast – Only 63 iPhone Charges till Christmas

    • No DN&C, sorry. We all got caught up in work. I barely found time to post the podcast announcement at oh-dark-thirty. Things will hopefully a little less hectic soon.

    • Maybe it’s a test to see if podcast listener numbers get boosted as readers opt to try it out to get their fix of news and comment 😉

      • Well it worked for me. Sorta/kinda that is……
        Still haven’t made one wholly but got the Suzuka report deconstruction in. Fascinating stuff. Those absolute fcukers that comprise the FIA need to take a fall.
        Given the unimpeachable credentials, seemingly, of some of the participants (RB, are you there?) I’m still seething.

  1. Still, where is everyone? Thanks again for a fun time on the ‘cast.
    AHJ – you alluded to the Bianchi report covering FIA/FOM legally, but what would happen if the Bianchi family decided to take legal action, based on them ignoring the weather, amending/not enforcing the double waved yellow rules, running a GP without the medical helicopter, etc?
    I feel that the conclusions drawn by their internal investigation may well satisfy anyone afraid that their pit pass may not get renewed, but I doubt that they’d stand up to the rigours of a courtroom.

    • Would agree with you there. Frankly the whole thing sounds like they know there were issues but are not going to discuss them publicly for liability reasons. Of course, it’ s not the crime it’s the coverup is a saying for a reason, but it looks like one the FIA is unwilling to learn.

      What I really want is a copy of the full report, though. That will answer a lot of questions.

  2. Really brilliant podcast guys, maybe your best yet. Great discussion of this report and findings. While I respect FH’s opinion on yellow flags and drivers responsibility on the Autobahn, I still feel that because a race track is a different mentality to a public road, and the goal of a road is just transportation while the goal of a track is competition, that ultimately the FIA are responisible over Bianchi due to creating a rule about slowing by 0.5 sec per sector under a double yellow. That rule then means that any competitor worth his salt on a racetrack is going to work to only lose 0.5 sec per sector regardless of the conditions or the situation. Ultimately rules need to be made with the attitude of protecting the drivers from themselves, because their nature is simply to drive too fast.

  3. Nice job on the Bianchi Report, some great points raised by all.
    I’ve never been a podcast person but have started listening while I’m driving and its just like listening to a great radio show (that’s for you Spanners)

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