Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Yas Marina 2014

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The 2014 TJ13 Champion

A hard fought year has now finished and we are pleased to announce that the winner – by a mere two points – is AJKL, finishing on a grand total of 1,190 points.  Amazingly, it was a fairly average week which finished the Championship, but that doesn’t matter now – Well Done!

Your 2014 Champion

Your 2014 Champion

2nd Place – Silver Medal

In second place, ending with 1,088 points, is Alexiadis F1 Team which needed just a little more luck to have taken the crown.  Had Vettel not had his newish powertrain taken out and replaced with a relic then it may have been the team’s year.  Better luck next year…

2 points - so close, yet so far

2 points – so close, yet so far

3rd Place – The Ricciardo of the league

A little of the top two in the league, but ending in a very respectable third place was The Bull Whipper.  Top 200 in the world was impressive, so one team to watch for next year!

Best of the rest

Best of the rest

Nobody saw it coming

Red Bull finally being called up on their, erm…sailing close to the wind on interpretation – or cheating as some would call it – meant we saw some overtaking at least.  Other than that it was a fairly standard Abu Dhabi procession, save for the final twist in the title narrative.

Nico will come back strong next year, but Lewis is a worthy victor in 2014.

Last question’s answer

The question was: Of the 15 most recent seasons (2014 included) how many have seen the title decided at the final race?

Answer: 7 of the years saw a final day showdown – 6 of these without the influence of double points – so good riddance to the ridiculous idea!

Food for thought

Watch out for the war of words that will rumble on over the winter.  Anyone non-Mercedes will want more relaxed regulations, as those from the Stuttgart team (and those powered by it) will want to keep the status quo.

There will be no rest for the wicked this winter…see you all next year!

An iconic image which will be used time and again

An iconic image which will be used time and again

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