#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast – F1: Death by Committee


Join our host, Spanners, and panel, Adam, Hippo, John and Matt as they look back at the #USGP and forward to the #BrazilianGP.

We also have a special guest on board to discuss the recurring theme of a financial crisis in Formula One – please stand up for Oliver Weingarten! Oliver also tells us a bit about his experience in America where he held his first Fans Forum in a year!

This week’s band is Gone by Friday with their track “Smoking Gun”. Gone by Friday is a 4 piece punk band out of Queens, New York. Their second release “Quarter Life Crisis” will be out soon.

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8 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast – F1: Death by Committee

  1. Wow, I had no idea that @Fat HIppo was so old.
    @Spanners has to change his introduction in the Podcast:
    He is big, he is so very very big and mature … 😉

  2. Thanks Judge, for the comment of the week. Actually i enjoyed the way each para was uttered. It was so subtle and enjoyable.

  3. Mark Webber’s dream team in F1

    Drivers : Fernando Alonso , Mitch evans
    TP : Roger Penske
    Manager : Davide Tardozzi
    Chief Designer : Adrain Newey
    Race Engineers : Pat Symonds, Ciaron Pilbeam, Simon Rennie
    Racing Era : late 80s and early 90s
    Engine : BMW V10 2003

  4. Couple of points.

    Hamilton had a 100 degrees temp differential on his brakes in quali, yielding a lock up in T1 even when he was going through there slowly. Given this, qualifying 2nd and not flintstoning the tires for the race was decent performance. As for Hamilton losing his one lap edge, I don’t think we’re seeing this. As f1esty put it in a comment, if you ignore two outliers, then Hamilton’s had a 0.1sec edge on Rosberg thus far, pretty much in line with what people expect.

    @Matt: Some of the noises by RB towards Vettel this year were indeed puzzling, but also understandable given Vettel’s behavior since the 1st pre-test. Actually the same accusation can be laid at Vettel’s door: it’s astonishing how he has been treating RB this year, given that they offered him 4WDC…

    • I thought it was very interesting how the times of both Mercedes drivers matched exactly, when compared to the analysis of their previous times in different cars and not as team-mates, what was expected barring the outliers.

      At their bests, Nico is probably a tenth slower than Lewis, with a penchant for the faster tracks, while Lewis is better at the slower ones (but did have pole at Monza).

      Brazil will be close, at 205 kph, but Nico may edge it, while Abu Dhabi is just inside Hamilton territory, at 194 kph (roughly, 200 kph average speed is the cut-off point).

      • I remember Hamilton majestic in Abu Dhabi in his last year for McLaren. Jense was nowhere, while Lewis was building up a huge gap at the front until his McLaren’s suspension made him retire.

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