#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #USGP

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently  

There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here

ThursdayTechPresserNaughty Step

Friday      – TechPresserNaughty Step

SaturdayTechPresserNaughty Step



From the Dept of Let’s Try Something New

ATech1 ATech2 Atech4 ATech4A


Never seen that before. Adding Gravel???!!! (FIM motorcycles FYI). And those diagrams. First time I’ve seen them published


From the Dept of Counting All The Things



Time for a new Highlighter, LOL!


From the Dept of the You Asked for It







Whole lotta MGU-K going on. Eventually I’ll write the article



From the Dept of Curiosity



APresser1 APresser1A

Blah Blah, …… Romain’s Choice! Interesting, wonder Total think of that.



From the Dept of Mexican PR





One wonders for whom they’ll be racing in Mexico

From the Dept of Obvious Answers





From the Dept of Well Said






Naughty Step

From the Dept of Not Really Naughty

ANaughty1 ANaughty2


One does wonder when attention will be paid by the FIA.


From the Dept of Creative Solutions


And just what does it say that no one ever anticipated less than 22 cars on the grid. Ostrich Syndrome?





From the Dept of Matteo Sez


From the Dept of Shiny New Things

BTech2 BTech3 BTech4 BTech5 BTech6 BTech7



I’m sensing a theme with the Vettel thing. Also not sure what a PB 1&2 are, but it does make me hungry


From the Dept of More Shiny New Things





Except of course dear old Seb’s name isn’t on here. Guess they were just in a groove, LOL!


 From the Dept of You Asked For The Whole Thing


BTech9 BTech9A BTech9B


So here it is. Biggest thing, fuel density.wonder exactly what those parameters are?



From the Dept of Expensive Shiny New Things


BTech9C BTech9D


Google Translate says : Penalties!!




From the Dept of USA! USA!




More Proof of US superiority. And Yes, I wrote that just to see if anyone was reading. Everyone know it’s NYC that’s *really* superior. (#humour)


From the Dept of Can ‘O Worms


BPresser2 BPresser2B

They don’t sound happy


From the Dept of Big Teams are from Mars…


BFriPresser3 BFriPresser3A

And they sound deluded. BTDubs, Toto, being told is not the same as underestimating. New teams were promised a floor of $40-60 million to compete, reality closer to $80-$90 million. Oooops, FOM’s bad.


From the Dept of This is Getting Good

BPresser3C BPresser3D BPresser3E


Ouch for Eric the Believable!! GL and Monisha make good and different points, Monisha spot on. Today’s  biggest teams believe they only need themselves, in direct contravention of reality. GL proposing an efficiency model test for spending, very interesting indeed…..



From the Dept of Ridiculous Pandering Intellectual Nobbery.



I would comment, but he gets dismembered in the very near future. Suffice it to say, he’s ignored fixed costs that rose despite what the midfield was promised.


From the Dept of Smashing Returns

BPresser4 BPresser4A

LOL! Withering sarcasm from Monisha, and forced costs from GL. Indeed where are the choices for midfielders to buy engines for $5-6 million. Oh, that’s right, FIA didn’t enable that.


From the Dept of Pass the Popcorn

BPresser4C BPresser4D


The seams are bursting! This puts the racing to shame IMO…. Too bad Williams wasn’t there and I hope Sir Frank is on the mend. They would have had an interesting perspective.


Naughty Step

From the Dept of Officially Noted



BNaughty3No Comment except best wishes!



From the Dept of Actually Naughty



Ooohh teenagers and speeding! Bet the insurance goes up a bit for that


From the Dept of Saw That Coming




LOL, at least Seb and Horner have something they agree on again..





From the Dept of Shiny New Things

CTech1 CTech2

How on earth did Kvyat manage to wreck 6 engines already?  Even if they were from Renault. LOL wonder what Papa Marko has to say about that.



From the Dept of Meaningless Formalities




From the Dept of Breaking my Heart



For everyone’s sake, I hope that brake gets fixed and we have some racing at the front again


From the Dept of That’s All, Folks




Yes, those were the only questions. Not exactly setting the world on fire with those. LOL @ drivers. Nope, not getting into that, nice try.



Naughty Step

From the Dept of Pain




From the Dept of ????




Again, how on earth did he manage to break 6 of those???



From the Dept of I’ll put something here if the Lazy-Ass FIA ever gets around to publishing it before the race







Naughty Step



Thanks Carlo for helping out with the new look!

14 responses to “#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #USGP

      • Ha Ha, she’s 10 today and has a new pink neon one in compensation.

        Speaking of this…

        (But firstly, good job as always, Matt. I really like this feature and know it must consume some serious time to produce!)

        Anyway, how are you actually creating these images? Are you printing the FIA documents to hardcopy, highlighting them and then scanning and uploading them?

        If that’s the case (and I fear it might be, given what looks like hand annotations), I’d suggest you consider working in all digital on this, as much to preserve the readers’ vision (I, for one, am unhappily getting old) as to improve your workflow, save the environment, etc.

        There’s a piece of software called “SnagIt” that you can pay full price for – or obtain fully-functional copy of by other means – and it’s great for a situation like with the post race press conference, which FIA posted a transcript of here:


        You could use SnagIt to make an automatic capture of the entire browser window, including all of the vertical space that has to be scrolled to see (SnagIt will do this for you) and then, using the built-in SnagIt Editor, you can do all of the marking-up you might imagine, including multi-color highlighting, inserting hand-drawn clip art stamps, text bubbles, arrows, etc…or just simple highlighting.

        I took a few sec and made one up for that page and will upload it to an image host as an example.

        SnagIt’s the only app I’m familiar w/ for this but there are probably others. i like snagit b/c the browser integration is good. email or tweet me if you want to get a copy of the program – i can point you in the “right” direction (hint hint).

        And no worries if you’re not interested in changing how you do this feature. I just wanted to show you a simple digital tool that might be useful to you.

        BTW: you can save your marked-up doc into a whole host of formats, including jpg and pdf and many more, if that’s relevant…

        • Lol, I’m old, but even I’m not that old. I use the Snip tool, but will check this out. Snip is limited to visible area only, so scrolling alone would be nice. Thanks

          • We’re all old, right?

            Yeah snagit does a great job scrolling an entire window. check it out!

            [mod] removed pirated software link.

  1. “Never seen that before. Adding Gravel???!!! (FIM motorcycles FYI).”

    Exactly! Didn’t Charlie say… that they removed gravel at Monza to improve safety of motorcycles?! Before u-turning with a Charlie says… that it was the drivers who asked for it. To which the drivers naturally answered: we never heard of this, really.

  2. “Romain’s Choice! ”

    Well, he has the option of leaving… Where to? It’s either Lotus dicing it out with Sauber, or back at home taking care of his kids…

  3. Frank always went for the money. With his historical Bernie connection can’t really see him adding anything useful here……

    That Toto bit is something else though, disdaining all the ‘lower’ order. Really short memory all round.
    Merc, ex Brawn came in in 2010, same as did HRT, Virgin and Fernandes.
    Thrown a lot of money at the team but as a constructor their superior posture doesn’t stand up.

    Wolff joined Williams 2009, they were cash shy so he’d have good awareness of struggle. Relatively short time since he left them for Mercedes, all lessons learned soon forgotten.

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