#F1 Polls: Driver of the Weekend Report: The year to date

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With the latest TJ13 Driver of the Weekend poll, Singapore, closed and the end result was different to what I said initially in a previous analysis. There was a late turn around in sentiment with ‘The Finger’ coming up from behind (pun intended) to usurp then leader ‘Hollywood’ as the official TJ13 DotW of Singapore.

SingaporeGP DotW 2014

2014 SingaporeGP Driver of The Weekend

Few can deny ‘The Finger’ deserves his top spot, the first victory for him this season. The soon to be ex World Champion did a great drive to second place!

Last year’s winner, ‘Iceman’ did not even feature on this DotW poll. While ‘The Finger’ won in convincing manner who can forget the Iceman’s drive from 13th to 3rd…

SingarporeGP DotW 2013

2013 SingaporeGP Driver of The Weekend

GP winner v TJ13 DotW analysis:

Below I have updated the data and analysis in this type “GP winner v TJ13 fan base” analysis on perception…

Standings to date
Grand Prix GP Winner TJ13 DotW
Australia Britney K-Mag
Malaysia Hollywood Hollywood
Bahrain Hollywood Hollywood
China Hollywood Teflonzo
Spain Hollywood The Finger
Monaco Britney Jules ‘ribbet’ Bianchi
Canada Colgate Boy Colgate Boy*
Austria Britney Valeri Bolt-Ass
Great Britain Hollywood Valeri Bolt-Ass
Germany Britney Hollywood
Hungary Colgate Boy Teflonzo
Belgium Colgate Boy Colgate Boy
Italy Hollywood Colgate Boy
Singapore Hollywood The Finger

– Out of 14 races, only on 4 occasions did a driver do the TJ13 double of winning the GP and getting crowned as the TJ13 DotW.

– Therefore in 10 GP’s, the TJ13 community collectively decided someone OTHER than the race winner was the better performer. Interestingly, from a sociological perspective, the TJ13 community collectively see’s beyond who actually won the race, which I originally didn’t bank on. It’s a bit like @F1esty’s analogy of 1000ppl guessing the weight of a cow, and the average somehow being correct.

– Most DotW winners are Colgate Boy and Hollywood, both have 3 DotW’s, followed by The Finger, Teflonzo and Valeri Bolt-ass with 2 each.

– Having led most of the rounds as world title leader, Britney has zero DotW wins as K-Mag in Australia, Bianchi in Monaco, Valeri Bolt-Ass in Austria and Hollywood in Germany were all deemed better performers to Britney’s GP wins.

– Of Hollywood’s 7 GP wins this season, in only 2 was he also considered the TJ13 DotW.

– Despite Mercedes having won 11/14 races collectively, a Mercedes driver has only been deemed worthy of a TJ13 DotW crown 3 times.

A cursory glance at other sites and fan bases, and research on such polls and comments back to Australia suggests these TJ13 results are relatively universal and broadly inline with this community.

Therefore, #WhatAWastedArrow, even if only on a collective team basis. With the Silver Arrow car enjoying an unprecedented 2sec/lap car advantage season long, which in the hands of a Senna/McLaren Team or a Mansell/Williams Team or a Schumi/Ferrari Team, the world title would be wrapped up and delivered by now.

Furthermore and based on that view, I think the F1 fans would still have regularly collectively voted for those aforementioned drivers as their fortnightly race DotW because they’d see the pure extraction of the maximum performance and results from what was available. Not shenanigans, manipulations and under performance speckled with the occasional good drive.

For example I recall similar polls on Schumacher still getting DotW (or equivalent) quite regularly in the years (01,02,04) that he enjoyed his best car advantages, which incidentally were never in the 2sec/lap range. There seemed to always be a feeling of, “oh well, he earned it and ultimately he used it flawlessly. Can’t fault that.” There were no internet polls for the others who enjoy mega car advantages (Senna / Mansell / Clark) who I mention, so I can’t speak to them.

On some level, we know one of the greatest performance gaps, if not the greatest gap in history, is being relatively squandered and it’s not just the reliability I am referring to. The collective poll data above, and elsewhere, reflects that we collectively know this.

*Data Entry adjustment:
Max ‘the model’ Chilton actually got DotW at Canada. Strange joke, clearly, considering he crashed on lap 1 and took his team mate out. Second place promoted in this single instance for the analysis. All others were the DotW contenders selected.

31 responses to “#F1 Polls: Driver of the Weekend Report: The year to date

  1. Good article, SiS. Interesting indeed that the Silver Arrows’ pilots, for all of Mercedes’ desire to ‘put on a show’, have pretty much failed to capture the fans’ imagination.

  2. “On some level, we know one of the greatest performance gaps, if not the greatest gap in history, is being relatively squandered and it’s not just the reliability I am referring to. The collective poll data above, and elsewhere, reflects that we collectively know this.”……

    14 race starts :11 wins, 7 1-2 finishes, a merc works driver on the podium of every race. 13 pole positions.

    When both cars has finished the race in a 1-2 or 1-3 position, the closest the 2nd or 3rd place finisher to either car, was Ric in Monaco (finished less than 1 sec behind lewis) other than that, the gap is somewhere in the region of 15+ seconds. Yup, that’s definitely squandering a massive advantage.

    The DoTD/DoTW is a pointless exercise, because the votes does not prove anything other than, people’s personal bias towards a driver or team. No one will vote every week for a Mercedes driver, simply because they have the best car, so nothing they do will be special or surprising to anyone, because by lap 2-10, they’re nowhere to be seen.

    Furthetmore, what’s to be gained from extracting the maximum from the car, when even running at 70-80% of its potential, they’re still gapping the field at more than a second a lap?

    That was a pointless article, with an analysis that does not prove anything that’s of importance.

    Btw… Sure Schuey wouldve wrapped up the title by now, it’s not like they’d actually allow his teammate challenge at all.

    • It’s driver of the weekend and if your theory holds that people only vote for their favourite driver why are their different drivers leading DotW?

      Some of what you said above could be used in a very good debate Fortis but then you say something like “this is a pointless article”. Do you speak for all of us? “No” is my guess because I quite like stats (no greater lie than stats but still like them).

      So how about saying “For me this was a pointless article”?

      But I’ll raise you… How about you write an article for TJ13? Put your thoughts out there for others to give their opinion?

      • @DQ….

        For me this is a pointless article….

        Is that better?

        The votes are based on opinions and each opinion contains bias. If the votes were based on a given set of guidelines, then they’d be more understandable, in this case, there is none.

        Why was Seb given DoTD at Singapore? What was so special about his drive? Qualified 3rd and finished 2nd. Why was Bottas DoTD at Silverstone? Etc…. Those votes were based on personal opinions and as such, does not necessarily offer a true reflection of what happened on the day

        Maybe there was something in the ‘stats’ he provided I missed, but I’m sure those charts are comparing last years and this years Singapore DoTD/W results. He made reference to Schuey in 01, 02 & 04, but provided no statistical evidence other than his recollection.

        Do you ask everyone who disagrees with an article to write of their own? Will that make my opinions more acceptable?

        • Yep 🙂

          You are right of course, it’s based on who people think is the driver of the weekend. So yes, it’s subjective to the reader’s interpretation of the weekend but it’s fun is it not?

          Everywhere you go people compare drivers.

          Re the article writing. I do not dispute your opinion, all of us have our own and that is fine. It was just that you came out of the blocks attacking the writer… what I’m getting at is, if you think it can be improved suggest how to make it better. That way all of us can read great articles 😉

  3. Boy, this article should really help establish TJ13 as a credible journalistic source in order to get FOM (or is it FIA?) accreditation…

      • @Don I’m beginning to think you have been hired by SISsy to come up with counter arguments to comments that criticise him seeing as he is incapable of doing so himself at times…..

        • Sorry Mule, I value my currency way to much to use it hiring someone to help me out against the internet army of the Hamilfosi, which isn’t really needed anyway for me, is it. 😉

          Don speaks for himself, and is calling it as it is… He’s given me a serve, or two, back in the day. All well balanced mind you…

          Maybe have a read of his points. It may help even you, however unlikely that may be.

        • Ha ha.. no no… I don’t sell out mate.. My comments are my own.

          All I want to see is that we debate points rather than criticise people. If you tell someone they are rubbish they feel obliged to respond whereas if you ask them them to explain their point you either end up with a decent answer from which to carry on your debate or you get them to rethink their stance.. 🙂

    • Well CTP, please read my comment below and make a suggestion if you like.

      Also, I have a properly crafted feature article (1800 words or so), my third feature on the currently competing WDC’s with the TJ13 team now. It’s a follow on from Lewis Hamilton: The Pioneer and Jenson Button: Fake it till you make it.

      It’s called Kimi Raikkonen: Swiss Complications…

      That might be up your alley. This comment based analysis / article has a more tongue and cheek vibe to it.

  4. “Few can deny ‘The Finger’ deserves his top spot, the first victory for him this season. The soon to be ex World Champion did a great drive to second place!”

    The first? Did you check your chart later on? He was DotW in Spain too.

    I can certainly deny The Finger deserved DotW … what did he do that was so special in the race? He qualified behind his teammate (very close of course), beat him off the line, and that was pretty much it. He only inherited 2nd place b/c of Nico’s retirement, and Alonso getting screwed by the SC. The car was certainly the 2nd best behind the Mercedes, so 2nd should’ve been the natural result for the car, given Rosberg’s retirement. He didn’t have to contend with a stern challenge from Ricciardo behind, b/c he was hampered by ERS issues. Did Vettel benefit here b/c it’s clear this year that he’s not been as good at tire management as RIC? Wouldn’t that amount to crediting him for overcoming a seasonal pattern of less-than-desirable driving?

    Over on JA on F1, the DotD polling ended with:

    HAM 42.33%, VER 35.48%, RIC 6.24%, VET 5.64%, ALO 5.48%.

    Now I would’ve expected Alonso to poll better than both RBR drivers, or for Massa to feature. On the whole though, it’s a more reasonable collective result than what happened on TJ13.

    To summarize, JA on F1 has nothing to worry about.

    • Yeah great point. If Ham deserves little credit for finishing 1st in the best car then why does Vettel get praise for finishing 2nd in the 2nd best car ahead of a ric who had a power issue

      • I’m not pushing Vettel, or anyone, in this instance.

        I was merely curious about the data and any correlation between GP winners and the TJ13 DotW… My findings were curious and against what I originally thought, so I presented the data in a comment, with a tongue and cheek delivery…

        Please read my comment below to see how this all came about, if you are interested of course. Use the Shrek-on-Helium accent if you need…

    • KRB, if you are interested, please read my below comment and submit some suggestions.

      “Did you check your chart later on? He was DotW in Spain too” – KRB

      Yes I know. I mentioned in the notes section analysis that ‘The Finger’ now had 2 DotW’s. The small opening part that you were referring to was not written by me, it was a blended with the editor to polish up my rough comment in which this article is based off … thought that’s beside the point, as it’s simply a small error in the opening.

      The data is correct, the analysis is correct, the outcomes are correct.

      The point is, the correlation between GP winner and DotW is not as high as I thought, and I figured others may be interested.

      At some stage in ones life, you have to eventually grow in wisdom to see beyond the semantics of an argument and absorb the point or purpose of the discourse, be that on the internet or irl. Otherwise, you miss out on so much.

      Have a great day.

      • Hmm, thanks for the life lesson SiS. I got your point, but it’s one of those in the “Ricky Martin admits he’s gay” vein … it’s expected news.

        Here’s one for you … if you want to make a certain point, then stay on point. Silly editorial comments just detract from it.

  5. I didn’t like the article. Main reason: those stupid nicknames. In the comment section I dont give a f*ck. But in the article there just not called for. Stuff up here looks professional even more so than some professional sites. But this one looks like it’s written by a 14 year old. In my opinion.

  6. Hi People,

    This is general comment based on perusing the comments here…

    Can I just say, firstly, that this was a comment in and of itself, and written as such, from a few days ago. It was pulled our glorious Judge immediately after I commented, with the intention of posting it here.

    Based on that, there was an element of my comment being tongue and cheek in delivery. At the time of writing the comment, I was quite interested to see the season-long analytical comparison between the GP winners and the TJ13 DotW. I was simply checking out the yet-to-be-finalized results of the SIN DotW and Hamilton was leading it at that time.

    So at the time of the inspiration, I honestly guessed that it was going to be highly correlated, as Cav did, and thus I was going to return with the results (which i did manually, article by article) to lambast the community for not being able to think and see beyond the race winner. After gaining FACTUAL results, that clearly didn’t happen. It was a pleasant surprise…

    So I posted the results, with my flavor of humor, and here we are a few day’s later… Now here’s the kicker, I have been asked to do this race by race. A YTD analysis update of the DotW and also ‘rate the race’, which i am going to do.

    In the spirit of not alienating all readers to this particular series, I am truly open to delivering this quick analyses how MOST would like it. It’s about the stats frankly, I don’t care too much about the tongue and cheek stuff, even though I find the nicknames and puns funny.

    So one and all, please reply to this comment to let me know your suggestions, and this includes the Hamilfosi. Fortis, you are a pretty switched on bloke sometimes, so I will read your comments here and action it accordingly IF inline with the majority, and IF you are not a cretin about it. Dill Will & Mule, just don’t bother…



  7. I’m happy to see my analogy forthe wisdom of the crowd in the article. I think I said it quite a while ago too – so you have a good memory to remember that, SIS!

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