TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Invisible in a bright red car!


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls – welcome to the latest interwebby podcast from the Inner Sanctum of TJ13 towers.

We went in search of the elusive Judge and found the seat still warm when we were ushered inside but the booming echo down the hall was not his holy badness The Judge but a wallowing hallowed cry from our esteemed European brother – Fat Hippo having been struck by an elephant whilst chewing tail…

Also appearing once again and produced from the loins of our fore fathers is New Yorker Matt Matt – so good we’ve named him twice, the English domiciled Italian TJ13 Editor – Carlo – who is still grumpy at how racing cars don’t sound inspiring anymore.

A return from international exile is uber-fit twinkle toes and Project Manager – John Myburgh and last but by no means least, King AJ the 1st as he attempts to emulate Henry the 8th with the wife count…

Trying to keep some effective order of this unruly rabble is the velvet voiced Spanners, a voice that has been known to snap knicker elastic at a mere 50 yards…

Join us as we ‘fantasize’ about Team Principles we would have married and  discuss various F1 topics.. as always enjoy the show. No animal was harmed in the making of this podcast not even a Hippo…

This week’s song is from  – “I Wanna Be” which you can find on YouTube – or download the song on Jamendo.

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25 responses to “TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Invisible in a bright red car!

  1. Really enjoyable and interesting. In particular, it helped solidify in my mind the subtleties of the play between the FIA, the teams, Ferrari, Bernie/CVC, the 20 cars min , the 3-car proposal and wrestling the commercial rights around. Sopranos eat your heart out. Reminds me of a not so well known quote by a well known writer.

    “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” – Mark Twain


    I now totally understand why you are irritated / dislike me. If you are reading my comments with that shrek-on-helium, Aussie accent in your head, then I don’t blame you. Reading with that accent in mind, I wouldn’t even be able to consume Gandhi’s or Mandela’s greatest quotes with it causing extreme aggravation.

    RE: Top comment…

    It’s a shame the top comment was that throwaway one-liner, considering the effort and insight in many other comments this week. Strange what gets votes around here.

    That being says, guess the people know what they want, so who am I deny them… 😀 and on we march…

    RE: The question…

    Yes it’s true, my tastes are for females, BUT I’d certainly make a one-off exception for you. I’ve seen your Twitter picture… It’s so pretty and sweet that I’m sure it’s giving me diabetes as I look at it. We’d have a “Wolf Creek” (Aussie movie) of a time. 😉

    @John M

    I am having a bunch of white shirts made up of what you said at the start…

    “Put Hamilton in a car, it goes fast. Put Hamilton in a wheel barrow, it goes fast. That’s the bottom line…” – TJ13

    So true, and lol. When done, I’ll post a few to TJ13 HQ.

    • Judge, give me a simple answer….yes/no will do…..Is there anything in a podcast that is new and meaningful? Something that I can’t get elsewhere?

      I’ve tried and podcast is crap
      Then when I read comments like above, I know I’ve JUDGED it correctly.
      Over to you…..:-)

      • 2 weeks ago some exclusive source info was revealed on the PC.

        Anyway that’s not what the guys are trying to do. They are attempting to do something no one else appears to be doing, it’s number 6 and will improve…

        PC is for people on the move more than those sat at a Computer, and for those who want to listen to a debate.

        Also one day it will be quite amusing…

      • thanks to the contributors for giving their spare time to produce content for others even if it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I quite enjoyed it.

  2. I’ll just voice here what’s been mentioned in the podcast wrt the SC:
    – in many instances it’s fairer and safer to use double-yellows: just hit the Pitlane Limiter at the 1st double-yellows and disengage on green, with full speed on the rest of the track
    – FIA should have professional marshalls, equipped with more than just bare hands and pricks (e.g. industrial blowers for all that carbon spread around)
    – lapped cars should stop this abomination of unlapping themselves, and should simply pass through the pitlane and stack at the back (either still one lap down, or with the one lap deficit artificially erased)

    If only Charles stopped saying and started listening..

  3. Nice work all.

    Have to agree with you in regards to your final words on the safety car. Despite any previous good intentions the FIA may have had, there is no question that the safety car is being used as a tool to help control the races.
    Safety is not it’s primary purpose. I don’t think i necessarily believe fatHippo’s theory on fuel savings, but I do not put it outside the realm of possibility.
    The fact is, nothing will change until someone is seriously injured or killed.
    It makes me sad to have to write that sentence.

    Wouldn’t it be beautiful if all the teams could come together and just refuse to run 3 cars if 2 of the backmarkers collapse? If we only knew what the real deal is between bernie/FIA/FOM/CVC/Teams. Come to think of it, how is it possible for a secret billion dollar contract to even exist in this day and age, when several of the parties involved have to answer to stockholders?
    Are all contracts signed in the secret country of Cashtopia?

    John (i think)
    I am with you 100%, why run 3 cars when you can run 2 teams!? I think I said it in one of my first posts on the site, RB-TR would be the model for all the big teams in 2015.
    I figured Ferrari would buy Caterham or Marussia, and McLaren (with Hondas help) would buy Lotus. Mercedes is already in a grey area with Williams and Toto owning part of it. Williams may not be a true partner team, but by Mercedes having them at arms reach, Williams has been able to act as a buffer, and help hold up RB. So for the moment they are almost as useful as a Toro Rosso.
    RB has proven they have a real advantage in terms of development pace, because they have TR to test parts/software for them. Having TR challenging for grid slots is also helping keep Mclaren, Ferrari and FI at bay. The other manufacturers need to follow suit. I bet Ferrari would do it, if for no other reason than to save their sweetheart deal with bernie. Mclaren might not be interested, though they should be.

    Which brings us back to AJ, if they CAN refuse to run three cars, maybe the teams can finally oust bernie.
    When it comes to team cooperation, however, I won’t be holding my breath….

    I urge you to reconsider your stand on 3 car teams. In its worst form, I see the following..
    The 3rd, non points scoring driver, would have no incentive to even finish the race. We would be in essence, mandating that the 3rd car plays defense.
    That means he is a roving rabid dog, looking for a fight, preferably with one of the other teams leaders.
    The big teams would just use the 3rd cars to cause chaos, and improve the chances of their 2 main cars. That’s NASCAR my friend.
    Would we see Ferrari’s trailing 3rd driver run extra slow in the pit lane, to re-time his exit, and t-bone a leading Mercedes in the first turn by “accident”? I don’t want to harp on Ferrari, Carlo, just an example, but is a car rebuild worth 10+ points? It might be to them at the right time…

    Good podcast gentlemen. The light opening joke is a little too prepared, and and a little too long, but not worthy of being cut altogether.

    The lag you experience through whatever the current communication method is, seems to be hurting the debate.
    “Upgrading” your internet connections, or maybe changing to a dial in conference call system may improve things.
    It would allow for more heated discussions, and may help improve the pace.
    (maybe less editing for you too).

    Just my .02

    • Dear sir, Unfortunately my role as historian sadly means I remember how great Ferrari can be – but as yin follows yang, I also remember how dire they can be too.
      Harp away but sadly no angels in sight…

  4. Great stuff, as is becoming the norm of late. Shame about AJ’s connection issues, but the fresh content more than made up for it. Also much better choice of music too.

  5. Terrific stuff guys, some good laughs and ideas. I too was amazed at the whole seven-lap Singapore death march. My theory is that Mercedes pay good money to ensure the Merc pace car has a nice long tour around at the head of the field so everyone can get a good look at it. And is it a coincidence that it now sounds better than the F1 cars?

  6. Totally loved your take on the Formula 1 circus. It´s different, fresh, unique and inventive. I´ve been laughing all morning listening to what you had to say and considering your ideas! If you ever need a “Girl´s Take” on this wonderful sport from the other side of the pond (more specifically from CentralAmerica), I´ll be glad to help! You´ve inspired me to start my own podcast (something I´ve been starting……since forever) so I can share my take in spanish for the F1 fans and followers of @radiohousehn (the best sports radio show). Keep it up guys, kudos to all the staff! @vivianbove

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