2014 Singapore Grand Prix

With one of the main protagonist not making the formation lap the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix was depending on other drivers to spice up the race. Hamilton made easy work of staying ahead and although a safety car almost robbed him of a win he managed to do enough to make his last stop for fresh rubber with 10 laps to go and take the win.

How would you rate the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix? Please let us know why you voted the way you did by commenting below.

57 responses to “#F1 Poll: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX?

  1. Post Singapore GP, Niki Lauda said a couple of interesting things that caught my attention.

    Firstly, whilst being interviewed on Lewis’ cool down lap, Lauda said, “Yah, he’s (Lewis) worth his money, that’s for sure.”

    Anyone find that comment needing to justify Lewis’ salary interesting? Why would he need, or feel, a sense of vindication in regards to Lewis’ salary in the immediate aftermath of the race win. Who is he having this debate with internally? What pressure is he feeling in relation to him personally having brought Lewis to Mercedes, and up until this race, Lewis having trailed Nico in the World Drivers Championship.

    Then Lauda tells RTL, “Now the technical failures for each driver are equalised”.

    Say what?! Erm, I don’t think I need to join the dots for you… Monza’s race switching, and now this?! What’s that old saying? Where there’s smoke…

    At worst, it’s pretty outrageous and consistent with our findings post Monza. At best, it’s a couple of Freudian slips exposing the pressure he is under and the side of the garage he is on.

    • OMFG!!! Can you give it a rest already with your BS insinuations.

      TK, MB, JH Croft and practically every man and his dog have made reference to the reliability issues with both sides of the garage, so why now its now suspicious, because it happened to Nico?

      And what findings are you harping on about? You’re still leaning on what JYS deemed to be suspicious? Ok, Sterling Moss said otherwise, is he talking nonsense or him being another top 10er, his comments don’t count? Or is it the judges source?


    • What’s that old saying? Where there’s smoke…

      …there’s a delusional conspiracy theorist or two.

      That one ?

    • Dude, the three musketeers were outraged after Spa when Rosberg’s racecraft cost Mercedes a big haul of points…. So now they deliberately DNF Rosberg? Or did Lauda act on his own, you know, yank a few wires here and there? And what if Hamilton DNF’ed on his own mid-race: 0 points for Merc. No way after all the preaching about Mercedes comes first, drivers come 2nd.

      Face it, your as anti-Hamilton as you can possibly get.

    • It was bad luck for Nico. It happens to the best of them.
      150 points to play for. Let’s look forward to it….

    • I think Lauda meant in that it’s no problem for Lewis to come back through the field if there was adversity, as seen many times this year. E.g. if he was slower post-SC, he would have also had to overtake Alonso and Ricciardo, which would have made it trickier. Rosberg passing all 3 to win the race? Somehow, I imagine that is less likely to happen.

      It’s 5-2 on total issues, but 2-2 for race ending failures, which allows the points to be even, after Rosberg’s ‘slice and dice’ job at Spa. Thus, Lewis’ 7 wins puts him marginally ahead of Rosberg’s 4, with Ricciardo mopping up for everyone else with 3.

      I think most people would now say that Hamilton is favourite/deserves to win the title, with 5 races to go, and usually being strong at Abu Double. Barring further reliability issues, coming back from a 7% chance under all scenarios, to win the title, proves his mettle it has to be said.

      • Also, Rosberg’s loss at Spa was possibly the worst loss in such a dominant car for a very long time.. was it 2 clear seconds he was faster than the rest of the field?

    • Scraping the bottom of the barrel springs to mind…. you can’t handle it now the retirements are equalising – you’re making yourself look like a mug mate

    • What is your problem?
      Hamilton is worth the money he is paid is what Lauda meant. And it would seem to be true, Hamilton drove a superb race to win. We all know Lauda wanted Hamilton at Mercedes, so what is the big surprise that he supports the driver he brought to the team?
      This assertion about Rosberg having to give the win to Hamilton at Monza is both tedious and I think incorrect. Hamilton was faster and catching Rosberg hand over fist. We all know Rosberg doesnt have much skill at close quarter racing. Rather than cause another accident, like in Spa, which he had strict instructions to avoid, and rather than let everyone see how easily Hamilton would pass him, he simply bottled it and ceded the place he knew he was going to lose anyway. Simples. 🙂

      • Hi Fat Hippo. Yes it certainly does reek…

        In addition to the Lauda comment observations, and putting aside for a moment the fact Mercedes won the race, does it struck me as a little strange how elated everyone at Merc HQ is given they had their 72pts WDC gap to the closest non-Merc rival prior to Singapore slashed to only 60pts.

        Most title leading teams tend to be generally concerned and/or unhappy when that happens given the titles are the ultimate goal, even if the team mate comes through to take the win. They would be relatively happy at the win, yes, but the elation / relief / vindication displayed that Lewis won, as well as Lauda’s Freudian slips and the absence of any care that their WDC title hopes actually took a hit and are in therefore slightly more danger, clearly shows that despite an outside threat getting much closer, they are really needing to justify Lewis’s position and salary. Really odd what’s going on at Mercedes…

  2. Gave it a 4 as it was a pretty uneventful affair, not helped by Rosberg being out from the get go really. There was nothing that really impressed me, apart from the sheet quantity of fire works they let off at the end lol

    • Can’t disagree much. Though I was pretty impressed with the Luke Mangan tapas dinner stuff before the race just outside the entry, but still would give only 3 as there was nothing exciting really after the meal I had; so feel for people watching it on TV and trying to get excited

    • Apart from some pretty feisty driving from Vergne at the end.

      The safety car provided quite a few laps of tension, but the race, which promised so much beforehand, never came alight.
      Would have liked to see a proper scrap between Hamilton and Rosberg.

      Gave it a six.

          • Interestingly, Max was still 17 seconds off the SC train when it eventually went green…. they should really strip the delta times once they deem it safe for lapped cars to pass… but this is the FIA we are talking about.. they couldn’t type a sentence using a keyboard, without considering it an unfair aid to the typer.

  3. 8 because of the drama at start with nico getting a taste of hamilton’s car issues this season. the midfield battle was interesting to me. and of course the huge twist at the end with Hamilton having to deliver under pressure exactly what he needed to overcome the pit sequence problem.

  4. 3 from me, not a big fan of J Lo, but still a good try from show perspective.

    Race was pretty much done with Rosberg’s whatever problems at start .

    Yes, nice to hangaround onsite compared to TV but really after a reasonably exciting quali session with still expected as in boring end result, the race was ruined by no challenge for Lewis.

    I wonder if this is the new enforced merc safety policy; quali winner wins the race and the other no points. As due to lack of authority we can’t control the drivers, so better just have one finishing. It’s enough to win for both WDC and WCC anyway at least p1 is always merc.

  5. What pressure? he’s got the best car. by far. and a set of new tires. he didn’t need to worry about anything.

  6. yawn! Did I miss anything? Snooze fest! 2/10 for me. If Hamilton had to work for his victory then it be better but there was no proper racing, not even in the midfield!

  7. Recorded it while I played golf. Fast forwarded through much of the race. The Singapore organizers did, especially on the long shots, make it look visually stunning. It’s not hard to see why F1 is declining in TV ratings and interest. The FIA could have after the British GP allowed each engine manufacturer to do a one-time major upgrade to restore some competitive balance. The fact they didn’t shows they aren’t even interested in putting on competitive races.The race was almost devoid of over-taking and M-B showed that when pushed, even on a street circuit, they are 3 seconds a lap faster than everyone else. Whiting probably would have put out the safety car if a piece of paper had blown on to the track, so desperate were they to give the race the illusion of competitiveness. I give the race a 1 or 2, and it could be the last one I’ll even bother recording.

  8. Boring, processional, artificial and I suspect an unnecessary second safety car to liven up the proceedings – NASCAR anybody?

    • Well – there we go then, I was so bored I must have dropped off and not realised there was only one safety car!! That drops my score to a 4 instead of 5!

    • I thought the same, 6 or whatever laps to pick up a front wing? I’m really losing interest in F1 in these last races for the first time in my life. Too much stupidity.

  9. According to the poll at the moment – 23% of voters gave the race an 8. Clearly on this web-site the quality of the race is determined by who wins.

    • Yeah, you’re right. But I’d also add that the quality of the race is determined by who loses.
      I gave it a 10 because Rosberg had a DNF. ;0)

    • The SC period was laborious… but I thought there was a lot of passing (even if lots wasn’t shown, Vergne taking 2 Force Indias at T1, or rear-midfield passing for example) for Singapore, and the post-SC Lewis stint was exciting, even though it was an anti-climax when he breezed by Vettel. But overtaking Ric and Alo as well would have been interesting.

  10. 3/10

    The 3 is only because Hamilton and Rosberg retired, which is interesting championship-wise. The race was otherwise dull and deserved 0/10, even post-SC there was no doubt that Hamilton had the pace to go 2 seconds quicker than everyone else (last year reversed basically).

    Whoever gets a consistent haul of victories now takes the title. Hamilton must make the very best out of this now if he wants his second title, especially as he is gathering momentum, but the last time he led the standings, Monaco happened… It’s not done yet, but hopefully Hamilton can force his way through at just the right time.

    • True.. but what can Rosberg do at Suzuka? He at least has a chance to beat him on track.. Hamilton has never won there, even when Jenson did. But he could also do a Prost/Senna… or hit Lewis and still take the win!

  11. The lack of wheel to wheel action in the top 5 pack after the first lap, and the 18 minute safety car period will make me remember this event as a slow and almost boring race.

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