TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Give The Kids A Chance


Editors Note: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, aliens and Illuminati welcome to the second episode from TheJudge13 F1 Courtroom Podcast. After the exceptional success of our original broadcast some of the crew have needed to retire to the darkness as the blinding light hurts the hangover. The more hardy have stepped in to keep the seats warm because as they say in show business – the show must go on..

In similar fashion to the original blueprint, aggressive opinion is offered from the mean streets of New York, Americaland with Mattpt55 whilst the clipped tones of SpannersReady guides the lunatics in the asylum and considered opinion is offered from the hell holes of Europe. And to hear the Hamilton v Rosberg collsion compared to a supermarket trolley dash is surreal to say the least…

Florence is where we find the shows infamous Debbie McGee – aka Adamac39 and back in Blighty we have the reasoned views of the bearded, rainbow farting – ice-cream pooping Craig.

Last, but by no means least, Chief Editor, Andrew Huntley-Jacobs, who sits behind a desk fashioned from the screams of the innocent and scarred after a riotous night with a grizzly bear.

So, let us begin the newest journey into an honest, opinionated brave new world. This will become a regular feature over the coming months so please leave your thoughts and comments below and if you have any specific topics you would like to raise please let us know.

Now grab a coffee, a tea – or a beer if you are in the appropriate time zone – and enjoy!

 Thanks to Marcel Pusey for the use of Bassistry song “Mad about U” 

42 responses to “TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Give The Kids A Chance

        • Please don’t tell me I’m going to be listening to that person?😞😞😞

          So mr mod, why is it that I’m the only person whose comments are being moderated?

          • For instance, because you have a predilection for sending the same comment two times or more and weeding them out beforehand is easier than finding them in a list of over 38.000 comments.

  1. My attention span is simply not long enough to sit thru the prolonged cr@p at the beginning. Realise there will be some decent stuff in there but it doesn’t work for me.

        • Hey… It’s meant to reflect TJ13’s heathy skeptical view of F1… Plus it’s about the contributors and their interactions as much as the content… Which I have to say [the content] is pretty decent compared to others of this podcast ilk…. But it is a work in progress…

      • Don’t worry spanners… I listen to a football podcast where the participants chew the cud on life for 6,7,8 minutes at the start… That portion of their podcast is box office….

  2. Awesome.
    Appreciative of the time and effort required to deliver this sort of info in a different fashion. Even had the wife chuckling!!
    Well done guys.

  3. Love the intro and the music… Wish the cars sounded like they do at the start… I really like these podcasts… I love you too Spanners… My super power? To be able to move between parallel universes. In an infinite universe theory, there would be a version myself who supports Lewis Hamilton. I’d love to meet that version of myself, and have him killed.

    • Aaaand….. pillar of salt!!

      V10. Does sound pretty cool. Mind you I want to hear these turbos in the flesh before I judge.

      • Is it strange I read your comments now with your voice in mind, and random back ground music? lol

        Engine: Heard them at AGP. I’d rather not be overtly negative, so I’ll say nothing.

        Genuine WTF the LOL moment: when Adam mentioned the virginity reg.

        • Yes Yes Carlo… Everything was better in the olden days. men were men and the rain was made of steel. Sharp steel at that, not of your modern smooth steel.

  4. Downloads, Judge?

    This thing is very awkward for me if I can’t put it in MPlayer and then be able to scroll back easily using the keyboard (left arrow) when I couldn’t understand some part. Now it’s all about fiddling with the mouse.. Awful, but probably just me.

    • Hey buddy. This podcast will be on iTunes as soon as the new site is up. Then you can download to a PC or Mac or even iPhone. Right now you can get the whole THEJUDGE13 feed on the android app ‘doggcatcher’. This app will download or stream the podcast and it has the sort of player you require.

  5. Re: Button going aggressive with Magnussen at Spa

    I actually noticed some time ago that the only time Button rolls up his sleeves and starts throwing his elbows around is when fighting with his teammates. More than once he showed real mojo in ballets with Hamilton for 1st place, and (notwithstanding his squeals) with Perez. Now with Magnussen. I also vaguely remember this style of driving during his Brawn WDC year, after the first 5-6 races onslaught. Particularly I have in mind a 1st lap pass on Hamilton, then, in which he audaciously outbraked the guy.

    If I’m going pop-psychology here, I seem to sense that Button always feels on the spot when going wheel-to-wheel with his teammates, and (Massa-style) feels like he has a point to prove. So rolls up the sleeves and gets into a fist-fight..

  6. awesome job guys! a whole lotta luvin’ for the new feature.
    I am certain you will be fine tuning the various sound levels.
    any consideration of adding a video feed down the road?

    keep up the good work.

  7. Just listened to the tj13 Radio Lollipop¹ F1 podcast, it was good fun! 🙂
    Keep up the good work and remember your motto – “Volunteers providing care, comfort, play and entertainment for sick children in hospitals”. Those who post on this forum thank you……hey nurse give me back that red crayon I want to write to Bernie….


  8. Thanks for the podcast – a great way to get it out there to stream/download is through (thanks to The Smoking Tire who use it and plug it).

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