Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Spa 2014

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Controversy at the front and plenty more action throughout the rest of the field, this was another race that captured the imaginations of fans around the world.  The changes in regulation and the rush for the title are going to write this plot into the history books in a refreshing change from aero domination seen since 2009.

The final seven races will show in the ratings whether the interest will continue, so as Marco Mattiaci calls for equalisation of the powertrains, it does beg the question whether these changes are indeed necessary?

On the Up

and it could have been even better...

and it could have been even better…

7&2 Racing moved up 2 places to 8th in the league despite predicting the winner for 7th, Lewis Hamilton to win and only scoring on 4 drivers.  Nico Rosberg flatspotting when trying to overtake Vettel aided his cause meaning Rosberg would have to finish the race on extremely fresh tyres – showing how hard this Grand Prix was to predict.

Highly improved

Top performance in a poor weekend for others

Top performance in a poor weekend for others

Climbing up the league despite have to stop to change a front wing is mowgli80 who moved up 18 to 36th position.  Scoring with 7 drivers, this score could have been made even better had Rosberg been able to pass Ricciardo for the lead.  Either way, 41% accuracy for this Belgian GP must be seen as a success!

One to forget

Unfortunately, not living up to the name

Unfortunately, not living up to the name

Now we turn to one of the team less fortunate this week, Regis Fast F1Team, who dropped 18 to 54th in the league.  Fast by name, but unfortunately not by nature, Alonso and Hamilton’s car problems meant it was most definitely a week to forget. Better luck in Monza…

Nobody saw it coming

Of course, another non-finish from Lewis Hamilton caught out almost the entirety of the grid.  However, the part to have shocked the most is the resurgence of Kimi Raikkonen as he beat his teammate for the first time.  Alonso did get a stop-go penalty and had problems with his energy recovery system, but I’m sure Kimi will not mind one bit.

The Ferrari boys look to have come back strong from the summer break, just in time for their home race at Monza.

Food for thought

The expected struggle of the Red Bull team did not come as they changed the habit of a lifetime and opted for an extremely skinny wing.  The lack of downforce only slightly hurt them in the middle sector, which will give them significant hope for the other high speed circuit in two weeks.  Now who will be brave and decide between them and Williams for the podium?

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

When was the last time a Belgian GP was won from outside the top two qualifying positions?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Valtteri Bottas managed to pass Sebastian Vettel at turn 1 after pulling out of the spray of the Red Bull and going around the outside.  How far is it from the grid into turn one at the Hungaroring?

Answer: Bottas had 400m to work with down into turn one.

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  1. Only scored 37points this week’s, had in my view some rubbish results the last 5 races yet ‘Still I Climb’ looks to me like everyone else must be getting fairly rubbish results too. Now 6th on TJ16 and 682nd Global, better than I expected at the start of the season but still feel I’m not maximizing my points hauls.

  2. @adamac39
    You ought to have included “theJudgesMrs” in your review.
    She did very well.

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