Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Hockenheim 2014

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The highly anticipated contest in Germany certainly did not disappoint as out of position drivers duelled throughout the race, eventually getting to where they by their pace, should have been.  The thought that a spin like Sutil’s will see the race turned upside down with a standing restart loomed large on my conscious as I travelled back up the Italian coast.  If a driver has absolutely dominated a race like Rosberg had, but had old tyres on, they would be a sitting target for cars behind.

There is still time to avoid this travesty before it “improves” the spectacle if the FIA see sense before it is too late.  Furthermore, this has made a red flag situation almost equal to a safety car, apart from the ability to change tyres and work on the car, on the grid.  Surely this too should be a standing restart from now on?

The soaring temperatures that would have spelt trouble for Renault were not there for Sunday.  The ‘Renault Great Escape’ was largely missed by the media, as the French powered runners were afforded the ability to push more and not have to manage temperatures so much.

So with all of the happenings up and down the grid, how did it affect our predictions…?

On the Up

JacktheBlob scored 74 points for the round, as the team rocketed up the league onto the first page to sit in 20th place.  With 1 round to go before the summer break, another result with the same, or better, 56% accuracy.  Scoring with every driver but two in the top ten made for the 20 place improvement.

Charging onto the first page...

Charging onto the first page…

Up, up and away

A 29 point improvement makes Syzygy the most improved this week, predicting four of the top ten correctly.  Were it not for Hamilton’s quick laps at the end, it could have been even better for the team as it hurtled onto page 2 into 30th place in the league. Another weekend like this would be most welcomed.

Back Rosberg for the home race win

Back Rosberg for the home race win

Far from cloud nine

Team cloud9 dropped 25 places to 57th place following a disastrous week for the team. Not predicting a single driver correctly in the top 10 made for a difficult weekend, although it is hard to criticise, as my team only did marginally better.  Let’s hope fortunes turn around this weekend at the Hungaroring!

Hungry for points in Hungary

Hungry for points in Hungary

Nobody saw it coming

The continued bad luck (or otherwise depending on your viewpoint) of Felipe Massa caught out many a prediction.  He was once again incensed by the Magnussen’s audacious move up the inside, even though many around Twitter and the media apportioned blame to him.

Some teams continued to believe in Force India, even when the development simply is not coming for the cars.  Their efficacy to bring developments on a limited budget remains to be seen, but the lowly running Mexican and German are a far cry from the front running pair we saw back in Bahrain.

Food for thought

The Williams pair were not a long way off the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg in qualifying, although in race trim the 20 second gap from Bottas to Rosberg flattered the Finn.  However, given the difficulty of overtaking in Hungary on the tight enclosed circuit, a poor qualifying or get away from the line could consign a Mercedes driver to a race of viewing a Martini sponsored rear wing.  Can Lewis change his qualifying fortunes?

A favourite race of both Button and Raikkonen due to their success there in years gone by, can they go into the summer break on a positive note?  Both were shown up by their teammates in qualifying, with Button finishing just ahead of Magnussen due to the Dane’s first lap altercation with Massa.  It will be an important weekend for the elder statesman on the grid.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Q: When was the last time two different German drivers won the German Grand Prix, in consecutive years?  What were their names and who were they driving for?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Who won the 2011 edition of the Silverstone edition of the race when the Off-Throttle blown diffusers were controversially banned?  Also, where had he been on the grid that day?

Answer: The answer I was looking for was Fernando Alonso, who took his (and Ferrari’s) only win of the 2011 season that day after a rare error from the Red Bull pit crew.  Alonso had started 3rd, with Vettel 2nd and Webber 1st with the trio finishing the race in the reverse order.

Well done to f1esty who correctly answered that one.

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  1. I was quite pleased with my 52points, now stand 7th on TJ13 league and 725 on the global.
    I think Hungary will have to be predicted as a Hamilton win as he always seems to go well there.

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