The #F1 Bar Exam: 3rd July 2014

Welcome to another week of TheJudge13 F1 Bar Exam.

Last week’s question(s): Can you name the driver, team and event where the photo was taken. Who was the other driver for the team and how many points did the team score throughout that season?

The answer(s) I was looking for were: The driver is Ricardo Rossett driving the MasterCard Lola F1 Team’s Lola-Ford T97/30. The photo was taken during the first Grand Prix weekend of 1997 in Australia. Ricardo was joined by fellow F3000 frontrunner Vincenzo Sospiri.

The team only lasted the one race, or rather qualifying session where they failed to qualify. The deal with Mastercard was great on paper however they closed shop before the next GP in Brazil when Mastercard pulled the plug on them due to their dismal performance in Australia.

The Mastercard deal that was to have funded Lola’s F1 program for the next four years did not go to waste though. As one team died another one profited from it; Eddie Jordan was quick to snap up the millions left in transit to Lola.

Mastercard believed they had an innovative marketing idea that will work. Customers paid to join an exclusive F1 membership scheme which gives them a range of benefits not available to the average F1 fan.  Mastercard hoped that 100,000 of its 370 million cardholders – a tiny percentage – would sign up for the scheme, thus producing sponsorship of $10m a year. (Crowdsourcing anyone?)

Their Jordan deal though was rumoured to be in the region of $7m per year however after a 6 years in Formula One, and amid plummeting viewing figures, Mastercard announced they would re-evaluate their involvement in the sport and pulled out at the end of the 2001 season.

Well done to Johnny, Bernard, Trent, Ken, Cassius42, Tim, Thomas888, Tony, Milestone11, Reinis and The13thDuke!

This week’s question(s): Can you name the driver, team and race where the photo was taken. Can you also name the car (type) and where the driver qualified and finished in the race?


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