#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2014?


2014 Canadian Grand Prix - Ricciardo and Vettel

Now that you have had time to think it over, how would you rate the 2014 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

9 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2014?

  1. Fine race and showed what this season could have been if we actually would have a race. Merc still finishing 2nd with a car that puked its innards 20 laps from home is rather depressing.

    • Yeah well, we had 4 years of it from RB, Vettel repeatedly telling us how difficult some of his 25s margin romps to victory were…

      Good for Merc fans I suggest

  2. I am so happy for Danny boy. I am very happy for Nico too. I am elated for Sortits.


  3. Had to be a 10! Daniel’s first win and seeing Jean Alesi do the podium interviews…well worth getting up at 4 am for:) Alesi looked almost as emotional as Daniel…

  4. I gave it a 10. Had everything f1 needs. Constant battles, high speeds, drama, faillure, happiness, strategy, crashes, excitement until the last minute… best race since a long time.

  5. 9 for me, a good race, but a ten suggests nothing will beat it and I am not a soothsayer.

  6. 9 from me. Why a 9? I’m waiting for a race that will be a 10 and I don’t know what that will be but this was an awesome race.

    One thing this race has highlighted is that not even Mercedes is safe from gremlins and that is good.

    Pity Renault’s 100% is not 100% of a Mercedes. Still great racing and cannot wait for Austria!

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