#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2014

FORMULA 1 - Spain GP - Daniel Ricciardo

Now that you have had time to reflect on the 2014 Pirelli Grand Prix of Spain, what are your thoughts? How would you rate the entertainment of the race or are the racing becoming too predictable again? Please tell us why you vited the way you did in the comments section.

6 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA PIRELLI 2014

  1. Quite predictable race again. Highlights 3 turns of Ferrari fight and Vettel’s drive to P4, but even that didn’t have that much wheel to wheel battles to see some racing. So 5 for those 2 moments. The Merc battle looked almost like a fake and seeing how soft Nico seems to be with overtaking I wasn’t expecting much.

    It really looks like to make an interesting race a safety car is needed. Even that will not stop Mercedes winning every GP, but at least it gives some fight for the win between them.

    Starting to wonder what to do with my Singapore GP tickets.

    • Comments like this… I don’t understand what people are expecting. How did they become F1 fans in the first place?

      Answer this question. What EXACTLY would have to happen in a race for it to be “good” in your opinion?

      • A good race or season is a ind where more than one team has a chance to win individual races; and ideally more than 1 driver from different teams can challenge for the WDC. Ideally 3-4 but at least two. A season where we need a miracle to anyone that one team to win is boring. And F1 hasn’t been like that alway or even most of the time. Ideally champion will be sorted out at last race but at least no t at half season.

        Obviously for me Schumi Ferrari years were the lowest of F1 era. Before that there were good times and after that it’s been mostly good, end of last season was obviously great but at least first part of the season there was still racing and not clear winners in advance.

        Now theres some signs of hope that Seb is picking up his game and maybe just maybe can challenge the Merc duo.

        • … I have to disagree. The inter-team strategy battle within Merc provided a lot of interest yesterday.

          If Nico beat Lewis into the first corner, then he would have been in control of pit stop strategy – he didn’t – so he waited for Lewis to make his call and went counter on the hard tyre at the first stop….

          It appears he probably was pitted too early for his final set of tyres, as a couple more laps on the hard tyre may have given him a better advantage at the end of the race…

          This is evident from how he managed the chase on his final set of tyres – some very hot laps followed by one to cool the tyre – but he appeared to run out of ‘hot laps’ (ie half a second quicker) just before the end of the race…

          Was that not fascinating? And a finish of 0.1 (and a bit) between 1st and 2nd?

          Do we forget the last 9 races of 2013 quickly 😉

          I agree though in an ideal world you have more than 1 team challenging, but the fact there are 2 drivers very closely matched at Merc is great….

  2. Gave it a 7. Seeing as the Spanish gp is mostly the most boring one of the season that a good score. This was the best Spanish gp for a long time. ..

  3. 7 for me. Some good racing and interesting strategy and tactics. Look out for Vettel if his car remains reliable, now he seems to have shed last year’s driving style, although the difference between the Mercedes cars and the rest on race pace is embarrassing. The on board sound on TV continues to be woeful, but the trackside audio transmissions seem to be realistic, but how would I know, I have not heard the new power units live and probably will not, unless they eventually bring them to an event like Goodwood FoS.

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