#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX?

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix - Sergio Perez 2

Having had time to think it over, what are your thoughts of the 2014 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix? Was it an entertaining race, are you disappointed with the sound of the cars or even the look? Let us know by rating the race and tell us why you voted the way you did.

12 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX?

  1. A few observations:

    1: Whilst watching the Red Bulls race at different times over the race, I realised how nice it was that Webber has left the building. It also showed Vettel is a team player. Its clear now he just was never going to allow Webber to be a hypocrite. Ricciardo has what it takes and has the right attitude as well.

    2: Perez is a pretty damn good racer. I forgot, but he is. Hulk has been the man getting the headlines, but when the trophy was on offer, Perez snatched it. Like Sauber 2012. That means something. A bit like when DC beat Hakkinen in the mid 1990’s, until 1998, 1999, 2000 when the WDC was on offer.

    3: Fernando is petty. I didn’t forget, but it never ceases to amaze me. Kimi is getting under his skin, even though he’s losing so far. Ferrari / Samuronzo relationship is about to explode.

    4: Hamilton showed what the difference is between a fast driver and a champion. I am not a Hamilton fan, at all, as he’s very short-sighted and a bit dumb, BUT my gosh he’s a champion driver.

    5: I own a few bikes, the engines sound like one of my V-Twin Ducati’s. So I am ok with it, even though I liked the screaming high revving motors.

    6: Hippo is back with a vengeance. This will be interesting.

    7: Maldonado shouldn’t be in F1. Hopefully after this season, we can cast him to the ex-F1 driver pile and he can go to Nascar and crash into people in the land of obesity.

    • Just a note about Perez and Hulk, i got the impression when they interviewed Vijay, that they asked Hulk to hold up Daniel rather than attack Perez, so effectiviley he sacraficed any chance of a podium to ensure the team got one.

      • Yes, I think the jury will be out for a while yet on how they stack up.

        I got the impression Hulkenberg’s car was not at its best in the closing stages (tyres ?), and given his grid position did OK to get where he did.

        My guess is that the Hulk will come out ahead, if only through sheer consistency.
        And don’t forget he’s carrying a significant weight penalty compared to most of the rest.

        • Do you not think the roles would have been revere see if Hulkenberg got himself in the right position? Maybe his chances for the podium was compromised with a poor qualifying?

    • Re point 5 – it thought the cars sounded like the MotoGP bikes too. Remember when they went from 500 two stroke banshees to 4 stroke drones… Were there not the same uproar about sound?

      • Hi Donkey Ote, yes there was an issue among purists when the FIM and Ezpeleta (MotoGP’s Ecclestone but nicer) dropped the 500cc 2 strokes to 990cc 4 strokes. It was largely a manufacturer driven change and options were there for teams to stay on 500’s if they wanted. Some satellite teams did stay on 500’s like West Sito Pons Honda. Rossi wanted to also, but Honda forced him onto the 990. Very quickly the old bikes looked like scooters compared to the 990’s that were hitting 330+ Kmph down the straights. The uproar though was nothing like it is in F1. It was over I feel in the first and second round. In F1, the teams and commercial rights holder are actively selling the sport short, fucking it up. Losing teams are openly angry. Fans are all in a tizzy. Yamaha (the big loser in the change) would never have screamed like Ferrari and Red Bull. Ezpeleta would never do what Ecclestone has done. But that’s the difference between bike guys and car guys. The wanker factor isn’t there for the bike guys… They just get on with it, fighting on track and bashing each other off it. Marquez for example would be thrown out of F1. In MotoGP, he’s a god in the making.

        • If you read the story Carlo published on Mike Haywood I think he said something similar about F1 and biking having more blokes he could relate with.

          Re Marquez… great rider and yes, he probably would have been kicked out of F1. And that is the difference. MotoGP rewards the brave and daring. F1, with all it’s rules, stifles battles on track.

          If Rosberg touched Hamilton yesterday (especially when Ham was defending so aggressively) one of them would have had a penalty and yet, coming off a bike is much more dangerous than crashing in a car…

  2. Best dry race I have seen for a long time and the cars looked great under the lights as usual. Great advert for F1 and certainly not taxi cab stuff….

  3. I was at the Bahrain GP for the second time. The big difference for me this year is that I didn’t come away with bleeding ears! The sound is amplified in the stands and the V10’s were painful. I love the new sound of the turbo engines but can understand what people are saying on the TV coverage. But for me its all plus’s..Great sound live and on the TV you can now actually understand the driver to pit conversations.

  4. How can anyone say that Vettel is a team player? Extra-ordinary after his antics this season as well as previous season. He continues to exhibit the typical arrogant attitude shown by so many of his countrymen. Sadly, such crass, unintelligent comments invalidate any other comments from this author.

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