#F1 Polls: 2014 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix - Force India

As the moon rises in the desert sky who do you think was your driver of the weekend? This takes into account not just the race result but the whole weekend. Please give the reason why you voted the way you did in the comments section.

22 responses to “#F1 Polls: 2014 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

  1. Was going to go for HAM, but he was only ever going to finish 2nd at worst – and not to diminish his excellent race post-safety car, but RIC exceeded expectations by a far greater amount. To finish fourth from 13th, including passing your teammate that started two positions higher than you… NFB!

  2. Since Hamilton was outqualified on Saturday, the choice was between Ricciardo and Perez.

    But given that Perez had not yet had a chance on a race weekend to show his performance, where as Ricciardo’s similar weekend performance follows two prior excellent performances, I’ve had to vote for Perez.

    Looking at the weekend as whole:
    * Friday, Perez had an incredible FP2, with long lap runs that foreshadowed his Sunday performance.
    * Saturday, performed very well in extremely close qualifying. Out qualified his highly rated team-mate and advanced in Q2. Then qualifies P5 behind RIC and BOT for a P4 grid spot!
    * Race, similar performance as Hamilton, and Ricciardo, in that he fought very hard and fairly against a very strong team-mate, and then maximized the points for himself and team.

    Also, I’m prejudiced, because I’m a North American F1 fan, Perez is from North America, too! 😀

  3. Gave the vote to Ricciardo but Hamilton’s defensive drive against a much-faster team-mate was equally praise-worthy.

    Daniel Ricciardo is also winning in ways where Mark Webber didn’t use to, so it’s refreshing to see. At the moment Red Bull are probably still going to force a rule-change because they’re so much behind in engine power but Daniel had a great drive today.

    Also going to give a shout for Nico Rosberg, he was factually the fastest driver on track today, and it’s only a master-class of defensive driving ability that kept Hamilton on top. Rosberg still has the lead in the championship and in the interviews you could see that Rosberg was (rightfully) massively pissed that despite being the fastest driver he didn’t get the win.

  4. Crashtor for only taking 3 races to confirm Adrian’s fears re: the low nose 🙂

    • On sky they used the virtual gadget they have to show the nose didn’t make contact, it was GUT rear wheel climbed and launched over MAL front tyre. Not the nose, this time……

      • sorry. for the first time, I wanted to get an idea of how NBC was doing in their coverage (instead of SKY). they only showed the 2 camera replay once. watched a tape delay of TCN coverage too. I would have expected more slo-mo and commentary from both, especially as Esteban was OK.
        no “virtual gadget” at either 🙂
        in total, the coverage for both networks was quite competant, but had little personality. at least there is nothing to be embarrassed over for those with no other options…
        but back to SKY for me in China!

  5. Lewis was the man today, the wheel to wheel stuff was what classic races are made of.

    Who thinks Vettle would have been on the radio if that was him and Ricciardo going head to head like that…….just asking the question!

      • I chose Lewis because he had been a faction slower than Nico over 1 lap (including some of practice), he faught hard for the lead to get the option of the1st stop, then after extending his lead and getting a very respectable stint on the softs, (that some said don’t last), had it negated by the safety car and the held off his team mate, who on soft tyres in equal machinery, on paper, should have been able to waltz past him.
        That’s why I gave it to Lewis, best driving of the entire weekend.

        • I agree this has been an important weekend. Lewis’s weaknesses have never been when he’s quickest, but loosing faith, making mistakes, missing opportunities, when he isn’t. This weekend he was not, he fluffed qually, yet still went into the race to win, drew out a lead and lost it because of a SC, but still managed to hold onto it when I felt sure he wouldn’t. Rosberg was better this weekend, but got beaten anyway, this is a Lewis thats learned a few lessons from the likes of Alonso.

    • Even after a race like that you won’t give up your silly “F1 is boring” arguments. At this point it’s just pathetic.

  6. F1 rules are bewildering. Last week Ricciardo had a poor pit stop. The front left wheel was not attached properly. He stopped in the pit lane and was pushed back to his pit bay, and the error was rectified. He lost quite a bit of time because of it and the error was not his fault. He was then given a 10 second stop go penalty, which put him a lap behind where he should be. Not only that, but he was also given a 10 place grid drop for this race.
    Maldonado, leaving the pit lane, tries to drop goal Gutierrez in to touch on corner 1, flipping his car over a full circle, but only gets a 10 second stop go penalty? Where is the justice in that?

  7. Hamilton, easily. The defensve driving and controle under pressure he demonstrated today is nothing short of incredible. We very rarely witness it in battles for the win in F1.

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