#F1 Document Dump Bahrain Edition

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55

-the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently

 There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy.

Bahrain FP1

Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here


Holy Cow New Rules Article 28D Edition

d) At each Event seals may be broken once, under supervision and at any time prior to the second day of practice, for the sole purpose of changing gear ratios and dog rings (excluding final drives or reduction gears). Competitors must inform the FIA technical delegate which ratios they intend to fit no later than two hours after the end of P2. However, one additional change of ratios and dog rings will be permitted if a gearbox change is necessary on the first day of practice before the end of P2.

Gear ratios and dog rings (excluding final drives or reduction gears) may also be changed under supervision for others of identical specification at any time during an Event provided the FIA technical delegate is satisfied there is evident physical damage to the parts in question and that such changes are not being carried out on a systematic basis




Good to know that the new FP1 drivers can get in and out of the car. Now if they could just find the pedal to make it go faster!


From the Dept. of “Shiny New Things”

I guess all the new bits *didn’t* really make a difference after all


Nice to know Ericsson’s leading something at least…


A clear leader in the race to the first grid spot penalty has emerged 🙂


From the Dept. of “I had no idea they checked that Dept.”


At least none of the cars need to go on a diet.


From the “Silver Linings” Department



Is there anything good to come of *not* finishing a GP? A shiny new gearbox and P4 is an OK consolation prize for Sergio.


From the Dept. of a “Few More Bright Objects”

Doc24Whole lot of Renault going on.


From the “Sat on the Naughty Step” Dept

SUTStewardDoesn’t 18+5=23?


From the “but my team mate got away with it” Dept.

GUTStewardGuess Slim could afford better lawyers for Esteban.


From the “Rosberg got away with it too” Dept.

ROSStewardGuess it pays to be the front runner too. 😉


From the “One of these things is not like the Others” Dept

ECUConspiracy theorists around the world rejoice!


From the “I Can’t Believe They Said That” Dept. Friday Presser Edition

Bob1I guess Bob likes the new regulations

Pat1I guess Pat likes them too. Wait, what? There’s more


Hmmm…. Seems like a cautionary tale indeed. Wonder what others thinkPaddyComment

Gee, Paddy thinks its good, too. Course Mercedes is winning everything.

Anything to add Bob?


Truth at a Press Conference. What a Novel Idea. If only there were an organization that represented all the teams….. Oh, Wait…


From the “Kate Walker still asks Good Questions” Dept


So we can all agree that no one understood Ferrari’s response then. I guess that’s progress. I just hope no one brings up the subject of


From the “I can’t believe They Brought up the Subject of Tyres” Dept



Please tell me it’s over

From the “How fast WAS I going Officer?” DeptMaxSpeed Sector SpeedTrap

It’s ALWAYS Sector 3. Happy Race Watching!


6 responses to “#F1 Document Dump Bahrain Edition

  1. Well done, Matt!

    I read, or at least try scan through these docs, myself. I’ve mentioned before how pleased I am to see this work.

    This one is well done, as you’ve highlighted somethings I overlooked in my quick scan through of them, so I’m appreciative.

    I have an idea for improvement that I think is wise to share here. The title, “Document Dump” may be a bit too negative of a way to advertise the gems of info that are being found and shared in these write-ups. Perhaps a more positive title to better reflect the content of these articles would help…

    My creative cap is not fully awake, but something like “Behind the scenes”, or “Discoveries From The FIA…”, etc.

    • Thanks VM, I was thinking of the usual political practice of dumping important and scandalous stories late on a Friday. But you’re probably right, a more intriguing title would no doubt help. Glad you found some useful things in there.

    • I’m also pleased to see these documents shared and discussed, and dumping “Dump” would probably be a good idea, as this feature deserves a more enticing title (not sure what that is, though!).


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