The #F1 Bar Exam: 05 December 2013

As the days are getting shorter and nights longer… something for your to mull on over a nice glass of mulled wine. Welcome to this week’s edition of TheJudge13 #F1 Bar Exam.

Last week’s question(s): Can you name the two drivers in the photo, the team they raced for and at which circuit the race was held? Also, where did they finish in the race?

The answer(s) I was looking for were: The drivers in the photo are Pedro Paulo Diniz and Olivier Panis driving the cars of Equipe Ligier Gauloises Blondes, Ligier JS43 Mugen – Honda MF301HA 3.0 V10.

The race was the 1996 Australian Grand Prix held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (Albert Park). Diniz qualified in 20th while Panis manged to get his car up to 11th. The race went better for the two as Panis finished 7th while Diniz dragged his car home in 10th.

But what most people will probably remember from this race is a young Canadian Indy Car champion Jacques Villeneuve making his debut in the Williams. He out-qualified his more experienced teammate Damon Hill to grab pole in his first ever F1 race. The race was marked by dominance from Jacques Villeneuve, who led most of the race but had his debutante run marred by an oil leak late in the race.

Hill caught and passed Villeneuve, who caked Hill’s car with oil leakage. Damon Hill took his 14th Grand Prix victory, equaling his father Graham Hill’s overall number of wins. Hill took back to back Australian victories, the previous race being the last round of 1995, in Adelaide. In the end, the podium was Hill-Villeneuve-Irvine. (with Irvine beating Schumacher to the line in the sister Ferrari)

I have also been reminded by The13thDuke that 1996 was Ligier’s last year in F1 as the team was sold to Alain Prost, becoming Prost Grand Prix for the 1997 season.  Their swansong was a win for Olivier Panis, his one and only, in a chaotic Monaco GP.

Well done to Taflach, Henrik, Frans, The13thDuke, Jim and Mike!

This week’s question(s): Can you name the car (team and model) in the picture. Can you also name the year(s) in which it was raced and who the racing drivers were. Also, how many constructors points was scored in the year(s) the car was raced?


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