The #F1 Bar Exam: 28 November 2013

Welcome to another week of TheJudge13 Bar Exam. Hopefully this series will help you to beat the winter blues until the new cars roll out on track in Jerez.

Last week’s question(s): Can you name the team, car and driver in the picture. Can you also name the designer of the car and where they finished in the championship?

The answer(s) I was looking for were: The car in the picture was the Jordan 192 driven by Mauricio Gugelmin. The other driver for the team was Stefano Modena. The car was designed by Gary Anderson for the Jordan team for the 1992 Formula One season. 

After a somewhat successful debut season the team unfortunately lost their supply of Ford engines, due to large debts. Instead Jordan signed a contract to run the Yamaha OX99 3.5L V12 which was supplied for free. One of the problems was that the team had begun work on the car basing it around a Ford V8 engine rather than a much larger V12 Yamaha. The team’s main sponsor was Sasol.

Compared to their successful debut season, 1992 was a total catastrophe for Jordan. The team struggled badly with reliability issues (in particular overheating), with Gugelmin retiring from seven of the first nine races and Modena failing to finish a race until the twelfth race of the season at Spa. Modena also failed to qualify four times in a car that was significantly slower than its predecessor. The team failed to score a point until the final race of the season in Australia when Modena finished 6th. The team eventually finished 11th in the Constructors’ Championship, with 1 point.

 The 192 was replaced by the Hart V10-powered Jordan 193.

Well done to Roger, Mike, Cassius, Vortex Motio, AJ, Taflach, Jim, Frans, The13thDuke and Dave

This week’s question(s): Can you name the two drivers in the photo, the team they raced for and at which circuit the race was held? Also, where did they finish in the race?


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