TJ13 – October #F1 review in verse

Once again TJ13 is proud to bring you another one of the fantastic monthly poem reviews.  This edition is from a busy October, brought to you by @theF1PoetErnie Black

Settle down, settle down as we look back and go round,
no need to involve the driver’s defence or F1’s prosecuting crown…

October is done so it’s time to review,
in this poetic installment of TJ13’s F1 rear-view.
That fat lady came, sung her song now she’s gone,
Vettel wrapped up the title which was a conclusion foregone…
In the month of October Seb won every race,
it was simply impossible for others to keep pace.
No smiles for Webber, in fact things were quite dire,
when in Korea his Red Bull caught fire and forced “Aussie Grit” to retire.
Di Resta was not happy, his form was still limping
as his allowance from lady luck is continually skimping… 
Sauber found some pace causing rival noses to get of joints
but it has allowed Gutierrez to score his first F1 points
And making a point was what Massa did in Japan,
as he told Ferrari to stuff team orders, as he now has his own plan.
STR had a plan to replace Ricciardo and they did just that.
With a very happy and perhaps even surprised young Daniel Kyvat
But no one was happier than the new four time world champ,
who did doughnuts in India which were not sealed with the FIA’s approval stamp.
Stamping and stomping up the ranks has been a resurgent Romain,
Who finds himself in the Lotus good books and back in the F1 fast lane
The good book is somewhere Pirelli doesn’t find itself often.
As the supplier it’s stance on tyre testing refuses to soften
And in this regard, there is still no agreement,
even getting a car to test with would seem like quite the achievement. 
Stay tuned for when court, will next reconvene,
’til then, remember the name, it’s The Judge 13!

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