#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2013 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX?

Japanese Emipre

As the sun sets on the 2013 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix what was your thoughts on the race? Is Pirelli playing too much of a roll on the outcome of the races? Was Mark unlucky or was Vettel always going to win? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

16 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2013 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX?

  1. I’ve given it a 7… not a bad race but just don’t feel like a 8 or 9 race. Webber… he had it all and blew it. Vettel is a worthy champion in my eyes. He puts himself in positions where he can win and if he is not in the right position he makes the right decisions to get him there.

    Grosjean – good race but realistically it was always going to be the Red Bulls winning.

  2. “Meh” is the word. Too much importance on tyre saving again and that were the two hardest compounds they can offer.

    Mark gets the nomination for absolute village idiot of the race. The team mate with a dented front wing and wonky KERS punks RoGro with in a week, while he faffs about behind the same Lotus on 20 laps old primes, while running on fresh options. How in the wild world of sports is that even possible. Mark could easily have won this and blew it spectacularly.

    • why did I write ‘week’ there? It was meant to be ‘lap’.
      I should stop sniffing glue…

  3. After today I’m at peace with Vettel’s fourth title. Those couple of laps after his second stop: epic. It’s not a great time for F1 in general, but Vettel is a great, great champion nonetheless.

  4. Lewis out and
    Nicos penalty robbed us of the decent 3-6th fight today, Romain at least kept them honest, really feels like the faith I kept in him last year is coming good now. Pundits out it down to fatherhood… Sheesh, all it did to me was make me poor and tire me the hell out.

  5. Whatever the anti Vettel brigade wants to say about him and the team working together, denying Mark’s day in the sun, what a load of poppycock!

    I don’t like the Sunday drives sauntering off and destroying the opposition, never have, whether it be Senna, Prost , Ferrari or Williams. I tune into to see a fight and this was superb.
    Even some of the passing was brilliant, Kimi around the outside into the chicane, quite exquisite.

    One question, Mark said both he and Seb had made bad starts, was this compared to normal or as opposed to Grosjean?

    • They both had rotten starts as opposed to normal. They ran longer gear ratios than normally. My pet theory is that they’re just not used to the longer gears and dumped the revs when the lights went out-

  6. It was over adjudicated. It is time Bernie pointed out to the FIA that we want to watch the drivers race not the blazer and clipboard brigade ruining the race with needless drive through penalties. Do they not realise they are fiddling the results as well as ruining the racing for us the drivers and the spectators?

      • Because his team should have done that. Worked several times this year without the need of Stewards intervention

        • Mmm. Maybe footballers should tell the ref when they deserve a yellow card…

          Sorry DS but if you are going to have a race ‘CONTROL’ they should do just that….

          My gripe with race management continues. Needs a fresh mind and a replacement for Charlie who will engage with stupid rules…

  7. An 8. A real driver’s circuit and we were rewarded with some great moves. The Stewards have to keep some of the “rock apes” in control!

  8. Great race! Nice to see Red Bull have to really fight for it. Excellent performance by the podium finishers, as well as many others. Some other folks made mistakes, which is what we often see here at this fabulous track. 9!

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