#F1Polls: How would you rate the 2013 FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX?


As the dust settles on the 2013 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix what was your thoughts on the race? Do you think yesterday’s qualifying lottery had an effect on the race? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

17 responses to “#F1Polls: How would you rate the 2013 FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX?

  1. Highlight of race for me was the Hulks defensive driving at the end… seemed inch perfect in positioning his car. The Sauber seems to have made a step forward lately but even so Nico is driving fantastically.

    There is something very wrong with modern F1 when a driver of that talent isn’t driving in a top team, just my opinion.

    • Hulk was brilliant! Here is something to think about… Lotus have made their wheelbase longer.. Hulk and Grosjean are bigger drivers … makes you think eh 🙂

      For me I score it an 8. Safety car caused Sutil to pile into unlucky Webber (who did he hack off? Karma does not like him at all!) and that spiced things up even more. Great race in my opinion 🙂

      • ” … Lotus have made their wheelbase longer.. Hulk and Grosjean are bigger drivers … makes you think eh 🙂 ”

        Lotus haven’t made the chassis any longer.

        They only increased the wheelbase, which has nothing to do with the size of the drivers.


  2. I was thouroughly entertained. And there was fire. So I gave it a 9. I even could live with DRS today.

    • Yes I gave it 9 too, I didn’t care RedBull and Vettel won, it’s the other teams fault as they are not taking the fight to them.
      Very entertaining, was on the edge of my seat for the who race (except 1st safety car cos I went for a pee lol) great wheel to wheel action through the whole field, that’s not even mentioning Rosburg’s front wing, Perez’s tyre and Webbers fire.
      I hope Korea don’t loose this race as its always interesting and it looked better crowds too.
      Would imagine some sort of penalty for the organisers for the “fire truck incident” but can’t imagine what it may be. Perhaps your honor might have some inside info on what fall out they can expect, possibly no reduced fee LOL

  3. The action was ok-ish, but can’t really give more than 6 to a race that is so dominated by crap tyres.

    • You’ve got rubber tinted lenses Danilo 😛 I think the teams just complain and moan about the tyres… they are what they are, Vettel seems to get on really well with them. Both Raikkonen and Grosjean did well on them. Hamilton moaned about them but that is normal. Ferrari… well they were struggling but Hulk did great to defend against Alonso and Hamilton without any stupid moves.

      a 6 is way too low IMHO 🙂

  4. Very entertaining race! Räikkönen is the man and Hulk kept 3 other world champion behind him.

  5. Never thought I would give Korea an 8, but there you go. Even on BBC’s highlights, which seemed to fail to get a lot of the camera shots of the current subject they were talking about, the overall pace was good with some great overtaking attempts, failures and successes. The tyres are a lottery, but some teams have mastered them and they do not favour the out and out racer who cannot or will not pace himself. My Castrol Edge predictions were hopeless as I listened to the weather forecast before qualifying and included a couple of wet weather maestros, however to parody the great Eric Morecomb, I had most of the right people, but not in the right places!

  6. one could not script a much better race with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly stuff for nearly everyone. I think Hulk missed one apex by a foot in 15 about laps and never resorted to chopping. a true WDC class performance! Merc cost Lewis a certain 4’th place. his radio call “any ideas?” was one of the highlights and points to the fire and desire in his belly – not a sign of weakness as some haters on other sites are spewing. the undercut exchanges between Lewis and Fernando were awesome, Kimi is Kimi with his take no prisoner pass 2 races in a row. oh, and then there is that young German robot… I was waiting for a big smashup among the Latin boys, but they raced each other really well. Estaban looked really determined and very scrappy in the exchange. once again, Max was oh so close. toss in the odd safety car, changing strategies, exploding tire, Jeep, big fire, and a few brain farts. what more could one ask for?

  7. Almost ashamed to say that i didn’t bother with the race today.

    I’m struggling a little, at the moment, to get into it. I kinda switched off during the Michael Ferrari domination period also.

    I sound like an old fart but i really miss the old sliding around time of Nigel, nelson, alain, ayrton etc.

    The cars, Seb and Newey are just too good at the moment. Kudos to them, and they deserve their success.

    But its just a little sterile for me.

    I can’t wait for a little shake up, and hopefully some retirements, next year to spice things up a bit.

    I actually prefer reading about the peripheral f1 stuff currently, than looking at the racing.

    I wonder if I’m the only one?

    • The Indycar double header 2 races in Houston this weekend were pretty exciting.

      The title has gone down to the last race in this series for the last 8 years.

      Brazilian driver Castroneves has lead the championship most of 2013 and came to these 2 races with a 49 point lead.

      After a disastrous weekend, he now finds himself 25 points behind Scott Dixon going into the final race of the season in 2 weeks time

      • Yep, that sounds more like it alright!

        Not wishing to sound like a whiner, but the bullshite around the tyres has ruined this year for me. Lotus and Ferrari could have put significantly more pressure on the bulls if they were allowed stay on the original 2013 rubber.

        I never thought I’d say it, but Max was needed this year. Jean was invisible, as usual.

        After his brilliant leadership in Peugeot during rallying and sports cars, then at Ferrari, he’s been less than poor since.

        What a terribly disappointing end to such a brilliant legacy.

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