#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2013?

Mark Webber Italian GP Monza 2013 © Red Bull

As the dust settles on the 2013 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix what was your thoughts on the race? Do you think yesterday’s qualifying lottery had an effect on the race? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

12 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2013?

  1. Gave it a six. Not the most entertaining race ever. HAM was magic in the last laps though. And Hulk was just brilliant. 🙂

  2. I gave it a 5.

    The race itself was not really worth watching, I was hoping for rain just to spice things up a bit (which I don’t think would have helped Mercedes all that much to be honest).

    Hamilton and Raikkönen did most of the overtaking mainly because of their 2-stop strategy, and that obviously made it easy for them to sail past the others. Vettel basically sleep-walked to the win, Alonso and Webber got strong finishes as well, as did Massa.

    Special mention should go to Hulkenberg for getting a brilliant 5th place, ahead of Rosberg, whom I was kind of disappointed in as I thought he should have had enough to go past Hulkenberg but it wasn’t to be.

    Good to see Webber finally getting a podium finish here in his last season in F1. I’m happy for him. Vettel has officially taken his 4th championship in my view.

  3. This is the fastest race on the calendar. not enough action in this one.
    At least Grosjean didnt cause any havoc and great fights from Kimi and Ham.

    On the podium- Seb sounded like he would like to experience an Italy win in a red overall🏁

  4. Alonso in the podium interviews: “Hopefully we’ll come back next year and have first place.”
    Does he mean he hopes to win next year… or just to be back… 😉

  5. It’s getting hard to enjoy yet another Vettel runaway victory, but taking away my personal preferences, you have got to admire how he and Red Bull just get it spot on every single weekend. I found the one stop race quite refreshing, no driving to lap deltas in Monza! So I gave it an 8.

    Though sad for the final result (and WDC fight) it was a lot of fun to watch Hamilton and Raikkonen cut through the field.

    Mightily impressive weekend from the Hulk, definitely good timing at this point in the silly season to remind everyone just how good he really is. 3rd on the grid, 5th in the race just a second behind Massa. If that doesn’t land him a drive I dont know what will… On three occasions now he’s produced those rare, truly exceptional drives mixing it up at the sharp end in subpar machinery (Brazil ’10 Brazil ’12 and Monza now). What more must a man do!

  6. When the leader can pull away from the field on severely flatspotted tyres, the race is a little lacking in the excitement stakes.

    A grudging 5.

    (And to pre-empt any accusations of Vettel hate, I remember feeling the same way about Mansell’s annus mirabilis, despite being a committed fan.)

  7. I went for a solid 7. Take out Vettel and most positions had to be fought for, which was much better than Spa. Hamilton may not have gained many points, but his driving more than made up for his brain fade during qualifying. Maybe he watched X-Factor last night to perk himself up?? The Hulk is the other stand out performer, 5th in that car is a brilliant performance. Hopefully, we’ll see more of him in 2014.

  8. why the hell did they pit hamilton for his second stop when he was still setting fastest laps and catching up to massa? there wasn’t much to loose anyways, so they could have just left him out there for as long as possible.

  9. I gave it a 6, just because there was more action in the midfield, and it was entertaining to see how many people Hamilton and Raikkonen were going to get past in the closing laps. But it might’ve been a 7 except for Hamilton having the slow puncture. IF Lewis could’ve pushed to lap 35 or so and made a one stopper, he would’ve been closing on Vettel and the top three with almost a second a lap in hand. His fastest lap was 1:25.849, Vettel’s 1:27.190 with a potentially fragile gearbox. Also, with the pit stop delta being 24 seconds, subtracting that second stop leaves Lewis about 9 seconds adrift of 1st. And yes, I know Vettel was short shifting, but still, it would have added some much needed excitement to the top of the field. In my opinion, of course 😉

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