Daily #F1 News and Comment: Sunday 1 September 2013

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Hamilton and Scherzinger ‘over’ 17:25

Lauda would have taken Raikkonen 17:25

Mateschitz rethinking Red Bull driver lineup? 17:25


Hamilton and Scherzinger ‘over’

For those Hamilton fans that wants to see the Briton take another world championship… it may just happen now. Hamilton as we know him, is a very emotional person, often wearing his heart on his sleeve. His troubled relationship with Nicole Scherzinger appeared to affect him negatively in the past and although a heavy hearted Hamilton drove a superb race at Hungaroring.

Hamilton went as far as dedicating his win to his ex which she thought was “… was sweet of him“. During the summer break he then spent a few days in Los Angeles to try and work things out however this did not work and according to Scherzinger they “… are no longer together. It’s over“.

Will this provide the fire in Hamilton’s belly to drive him to more wins?


Lauda would have taken Raikkonen

Never one to miss an opportunity to share his opinion, Hollywood star Niki Lauda has said to Bild should he be Montezemolo he would take Raikkonen. “With Raikkonen the mechanics and engineers would have someone to look up to immediately. It could give the team a boost as it has done at Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton.”

Lauda warns that Alonso will not want Kimi as his team mate.”Alonso and Kimi as teammates will not be good.”

Did Lauda not also say for Kimi to go to Red Bull would be a disaster? Is he turning into a driver manager as well now?


Mateschitz rethinking Red Bull driver lineup?

Could we still see a shakeup in Red Bull’s 2014 driver lineup? Helmut Marko has been fighting to get Ricciardo in the vacant Red Bull seat and seem to have won the battle … or has he?

Bild today reports that Red Bull boss Mateschitz may be reconsidering what 2014 will hold for his team. At Spa it was expected that the team would announce their driver lineup for next year however this was put off as Mateschitz was on holiday.

While sipping on a Red Bull cocktail (or knocking back a couple of Jaeger Bombs) Mateschitz cast his thoughts onto his team and their chances of retaining the Constructors Championship, after all, this is where the money lies. Thinking of putting a relatively inexperienced driver beside his star driver and the pair going up against Hamilton/Rosberg at Mercedes and Alonso/Raikkonen at Ferrari (the latter yet to be confirmed) must have made him grab the bottle of Jägermeister for a good swig!

Anyway, Horner is still trying to get an experienced hand in beside Vettel while Marko is fighting for a young driver… who will win I hear you ask? We will have to wait for Ferrari to make their announcement first…


16 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Sunday 1 September 2013

  1. Hi Lloyd – like it but a shame you didn’t suggest it just before Webber declared his own plans… 🙂

  2. Okay, has it been suggested anywhere, Hulkenberg to Red Bull? The best of a German combination, to rival the best of British that was Button-Hamilton. I can’t think who else is left as a top driver, after Vet/Alo/Rai/Ham/Ros-Mas/Web/Gro. It’d be between RB juniors, Hulk, PdR, Maldonado stuck at Williams…

    Ham will probably mount a strong title challenge now, but for anyone but Vettel to win, he has to have some unluckiness like others have had (Alo – front wing, DRS failures. Raikkonen – team calls, car problems. Hamilton – tyre failures, pit errors. Rosberg – multiple DNFs). As a whole package, Vettel has not really dropped points, excepting one retirement for a gearbox failure, but this still puts him keeping more points than his principal title rivals. Allied to car advantage, this leaves him clear in front and odds on for 4x WDC. If Lewis can’t mount a challenge, expect some reconciliation with Nicole when F1 gets near wherever she is (X Factor USA, Texas time etc.)

    • Can’t see that happen. Hulk is not a RB driver and if he should go then it puts the whole Red Bull Young Driver thing in the ditch. It either has to be a world champ/candidate or a RB family driver in my opinion.

      Re Lewis… the problem all the title challengers have is that they take points away from each other. As TJ said, Vettel just need to make sure no one gets a streak of victories and that consistent car will help with it…

      • I think too much emphasis is put on the Red Bull junior team bullshit. It was a means to an end that reached the end couple of seasons back when practice of using last years cast off chassis was overcome.

        • “when practice of using last years cast off chassis was overcome”

          Other than 2006 Toro Rosso never used a cast-off year old Red Bull chassis. From 2007 – 2009 Toro Rosso’s chassis’s were the same chassis that Red Bull used other than being modified to take the Ferrari engine.

          • So not cast off’s, just not OE. The junior notion was Dieter’s way of getting two bites of the cherry, is all.

        • I also don’t understand this Red Bull Young Driver ‘thing’… There surely cannot be such guarantees – in life or in F1… I think for a new driver to be offered a seat at Toro Rosso is a great opportunity. Vettel made it work for him and he was rightly ‘promoted’. I see no other reason why Red Bull should be expected to do the same whenever a vacancy arises – nor why any Toro Rosso driver should expect it to happen. When Toro Rosso recently jettisoned both their drivers they were mostly criticised… but why…? The two drivers had been given a fantastic opportunity and, for whatever reason, failed to shine… And notice that nobody else grabbed them for their alleged talent. 😉
          Every year writers come up with a new short-list of currently available talent. If these guys are to get a chance to show their true mettle other drivers have to fall by the wayside – there are not enough driver retirements to otherwise give them a chance – you can’t give new guys a chance while still hanging on to those who have failed to show any future potential.
          It isn’t a question of just performing well in the present, regardless of the level of machinery at one’s disposal… Team managers are looking at what a new driver might deliver in two or three years.
          It’s an imperfect world, and F1 is an imperfect sport within it. There Are No Guarantees… 😉
          But we love it . . .

  3. I have important news coming these days … Stay tuned here on Twitter and on the Web.. !!! – Fernando Alonso on twitter

    Maybe Alonso is releasing a CD

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