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Lewis and Niki love in (11:50)

The sound of a 2014 Mercedes engine lapping Monza (12:11)

Vergne clear on immediate future, but not guaranteed for 2014 (12:42)

TJ13 Dutch Frenzy (13:21)

Not strictly F1, but good news for a famous British racing marque’s legacy (14:24)

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The battle for F1 journalistic control (11:01)

OMG – what next? (11:31)

Il Padrino gets really really serious (11:44)

Mark Webber’s 5 must haves (12:25)

Sochi misses FIA deadline: 2014 calendar part 4 of…… (13:01)

Ferrari: Deny, deny deny (13:31)

Sauber: ‘The plan’ is evolving (15:58)

Ferrari sponsor withdraws funding for Wroom (17:22)

Max not quite got a grip (17:35)

The earthquake appears to be in the ice (19:03)


Lewis and Niki love in

Lewis is very happy to have pleased his master and chairman of the Mercedes AMG F1 board.

Niki said immediately after the chequered flag to SKY TV, that the performance Lewis had just delivered was “the best I’ve ever seen in my life. We were not as quick as the Red Bull but Lewis really made it all up, especially the way he passed people. He was outstanding.”

Lewis reveals he and Niki have been spending quite a lot of time together, “Coming from Niki Lauda, it’s a great compliment. I’m very happy he’s said something like that.”

Hamilton reflects on how times have changed, “It’s crazy, because when I was at McLaren, he didn’t know me and he had a very different opinion. Now we spend a lot of time together and his opinion has changed a lot.”

Indeed Niki has changed his tune since this little outburst at the 2011 Canadian GP! “What Hamilton did there goes beyond all boundaries, He is completely mad. If the FIA does not punish him, I do not understand the world any more. At some point there has to be an end to all the jokes. You cannot drive like this — as it will result in someone getting killed.”

This was the around the time Lewis and Massa Hamilton appeared to be conjoined at the hip at each circuit.

Never let it be said Niki is not the  master of understatement and a Hollywood car chase – wheel screeching – hand brake U-Turn.


The sound of a 2014 Mercedes engine lapping Monza

Having heard a similar sound track to this in the flesh and through a decent amplifier, this is not really representative of how I remember the sound because via a laptop and standard PC speakers it feels just like playing an F1 video game. . Try it LOUD with headphones on, it is much better.

The audio recording of the turbocharged V6 unit was conducted using a development engine at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth, UK. This simulated lap of the Monza circuit – the definitive test of any Formula One powerplant – was then synced to a lap of the circuit at the team’s Driver-in-the-Loop simulator at team HQ in Brackley, UK.

The result is the most accurate impression so far of how the new Power Units will sound in 2014, with a maximum rev limit of 15,000 rpm and a single turbocharger spinning at speeds of up to 125,000 rpm.


Vergne clear on immediate future, but not guaranteed for 2014

You have to feel for Jean-Eric Vergne, he is a pleasant and even self deprecating bloke in a world where many people take themselves too seriously and think they are irreplaceable and a necessary part of the F1 landscape.

As TJ13 reported the weekend before Silverstone YDT, Ricciardo was taken to Idiada testing by Red Bull Racing –JEV appears to be ignorant of this test. Of course we all heard 2 days later on the Tuesday that Daniel was part of the Red Bull racing driver line up for the 3 day test in Northampton – even at the expense of giving Webber track time.

In a candid interview JEV tells us how he is feeling about matters now there has been time for the dust to settle.

“It all started at Silverstone, when Mark Webber announced his retirement from F1 at the end of the season. The result was that at the Thursday Toro Rosso press conference Daniel and I do at the beginning of each race weekend, I’d never seen so many journalists, all wanting to talk about our future at Red Bull.

Then there was the episode where Daniel test drove at Silverstone for Red Bull Racing. I always was a little upset that it was him and not me, which is a normal reaction. Then the management of Red Bull clearly explained things to me. Daniel has more experience than me in F1, so it was just part of the logical evaluation process. I had a long discussion with the management of Red Bull about it and everything is very clear between us. I know their requirements and I did not need to read the news to find out what they think of me”.

My future? For now I’m planning especially for the next Grand Prix because we have a lot of work to do to ensure we have a good end of season. Finishing the year well is the number one priority, so I do not have time to speculate on 2014, I would be very happy to continue working with Scuderia Toro Rosso. There is an interesting challenge with the new technical regulations and the arrival of Renault engine. On the other hand it would be a lie to say that the opportunity to take the wheel of Mark’s car is not still a thought in the corner of my mind … I still have my chance and I’ll play hard”.

Vergne is clearly a reflective individual and deep thinker and he concludes with a fairly philosophical mantra. “Now, if there’s one thing I’ve realised about Formula 1 and I’ve already said it. The truth is that – tomorrow is another day. A series of good or bad results, and things can change very quickly, one way or another … I know exactly what I have to do”.


TJ13 Dutch Frenzy

AHJ: The web software we use tells us exactly which country our readers are coming from and how many there are. TJ13 readership is traditionally about 40% UK, 20% USA and the rest has been divided between well over 100 other nations. This week we have seen an amazing level interest from those of you who live in the Netherlands and you have been daily been knocking the USA from their 2nd place in the reader rankings.

Vriendelijk Welkom


Not strictly F1, but good news for a famous British racing marque’s legacy

Lotus is to create more than 100 new engineering and manufacturing jobs. It will recruit 45 specialist engineers, 40 manufacturing operatives and 18 graduates. The announcement comes weeks after it emerged Lotus owners, DRB-HICOM has committed to a £100m investment to strengthen its engineering, productivity, quality and efficiency.

The new recruits will work on the development of new products within Lotus Engineering. Lotus says the new positions are in response to increased demand for its cars and an anticipated rise in demand for its engineering services.

untitledLotus COO, Aslam Farikullah said: “It’s been a period of substantial change at Lotus and we are now in a strong position to expand our work on future products and to increase production in our manufacturing facilities. We want Lotus to be at the forefront of the global automotive industry and for us to remain competitive, we will introduce more exciting products – there has never been a better time to be part of the future of Lotus.”

HR boss Mark Pym said: “Lotus’s successes have always been built on our talented and dedicated workforce, and as we embark on a period of strengthening it’s crucial that we grow our workforce to support this. It’s a positive sign for both the UK car industry and Lotus that we are able to recruit such a high number of both experienced specialists and graduates, who will take their first steps on an exciting and rewarding career path.” (Source: Autocar)


25 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Friday 2nd August 2013

  1. I believe you’ve mistaken Schumacher for Lauda your honour! Schumacher defended Lewis after his tangle with Massa at Monaco.

    Niki has changed his tune since this little outburst at the 2011 Canadian GP!

    “What Hamilton did there goes beyond all boundaries, He is completely mad. If the FIA does not punish him, I do not understand the world any more. At some point there has to be an end to all the jokes. You cannot drive like this — as it will result in someone getting killed.”

    Unfortunately for Niki his comments, somewhat ironically like those made by Lewis about his car recently, I’ve learnt they’re so overly dramatic they go in this ear bypass my give a shit filter and exit out of the other ear.

  2. I can’t remember that Schumacher comment but here we go back to the whole kettle, pot, black discussion…

  3. I don’t really pay much attention to Lauda’s comments, he goes from one extreme to another.

    Sensible words from Jean-Eric Vergne. I like him as a driver, for sure he isn’t as fast as Ricciardo in qualifying, but what goes unnoticed is that for all the qualifying prowess Ricciardo displays, in the races he goes backwards and ends up roughly where Vergne is.

    Regarding the sound of the Mercedes V6, the background noise makes it all sound like some weird vaccum cleaner sound :s. Very weird.

    • Agree completely re JEV. I think he is a very smart racer. I know the saying is you can’t teach quick, but I also think you can’t teach smart, in the way that JEV is when he drives.

      IT seems to me that JEV’s ability to bring home points would be a good complement to Vettel, especially the lack of drama, but it’s not my choice in any event.

      • It’ll be interesting to see which drivers adapt well to the 2014 ERS formula, and I have a feeling Vergne will do well. Ricciardo does have good 1 lap pace, and if RB do take him I think they’ll use him as a stopper behind Vettel as he goes off into the distance (should they have the best package). Alguersuari might do well as well but I think his ship has sailed..

        It’ll be hard for the new drivers in 2014, to start with a different formula, but at least it’s a level playing field, and that may be more of an advantage for quick adapters (I’m thinking Frijns/Vandoorne, but who’s to say he won’t be passed over for someone like Sirotkin, who wants to get in with an advantage while he can.. Could he become the new Alguersuari, put in too young and done by 21?)

  4. Lewis needs a new girlfriend fast. Too much “hangin” out with Niki will turn him in to a weirdo!
    Good job on the 2014 simulation audio BTW.

  5. I am also puzzled by why Riciardo goes backwards. Is it just race pace of the STR? Hard on tyres? Poor pit wall decision making?
    I assume that by getting to Q3 he has sub-optimal tyres for the race compared to Verne’s all new sets..
    I can’t wait to see DR on the podium next year (Barring number 2 driver car hiccups of course- KERS/clutch/chip etc)

    • I always thought it was a car set up for outright pace, but it could be the tyres or lack of ease on them indeed. Silverstone was unlucky in pit strategy for DR (similar to KR).

  6. I fear I’m responsible for the Dutch frenzy :). I advertised TJ on a well-visited Dutch F1 site to stimulate the discussion there, and got lots of responses. Great to hear you were able to measure the visitor increase!

    • It’s been enormous. Unprecedented in the blogs history. Dutch readership has grown daily 10 times from its previous levels. Thank you so much

      Sent from my iPhone

      • You’re very welcome – I’m actually amazed it had such an effect. I’ll keep that in mind for future occasions 🙂

        • Fantastic demonstration of the power of posting links to TJ13, and recommendations.

          If any other readers around the world can do the same with their local sites, it would be great

      • It’s a great blog, fun writing style and always up-to-date so I’m not so surprised that is some Dutch guy posts a link on a busy forum results in an huge increase in visitors. We’re a pretty well connected bunch here in the lowlands 😉

        What I was wondering is that could the major Richter scale 9 Ferrari announcement be about a replacement for Massa? Or are you pretty sure it’s about their first driver? Or could the major shock be about Ferrari making an announcement about both drivers? (Argh can’t wait for the season to continue, the suspense about this news is killing me :-P)

        • Welcome Robin from the ‘lowlands’

          Thank you for joining the debating community here.

          I live at an altitude of 363ft above sea level, so I guess that’s kind of a mountain in the beautiful land of the windmills, tulips and dykes :/

          For me, Raikkonen returning to Ferrari after he was ousted so mysteriously in 2009 would be worthy of a 9 or even more- regardless of who he replaces. IMHO

          • If KR has taken a year’s paid leave (2010) and still been re-hired by Ferrari for 2014, that is simply amazing! Perhaps they guaranteed not to screw up his championship chance next time like in 2008…

  7. Fantastic news for Lotus. Really glad about it. And it’s also remarkable that a company (Proton) which used to sell re-badged cars until 10-15 years ago has taken Lotus forward (although I know it’s HICOM’s money that drove the latter since Jan ’12). It seems that buying the Renault F1 team was a smart move.

  8. In 2011, Lotus produced 1457 cars, which fell to 1043 in 2012. They don’t mention how many were actually sold. Do they still use plywood when they make them? It’s a glorified kit-car using a Toyota engine.

    • I believe you’re mixing up Lotus and Morgan. Morgans are half-timbered, bot the Lotii.

    • Hi Cav – nice to see you back – shame you still haven’t come up with any worthwhile comments though 😉

      • Au contraire. My post was valuable consumer information. Not only should you get any English car rust-proofed, which won’t stop but merely slow down an English car rusting, you should also probably spray it with insecticide to avoid termites.

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