#F1 On Track Review: 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

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Hamilton Surprises Everyone

Under the searing heat of the Hungarian sun, Lewis Hamilton has gone on to claim his 4th pole position of the season producing a last gasp monumental lap to trump the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel. 3rd was a transformed figure in Romain Grosjean who made the most of the hot conditions that favour the Lotus E21, to finish ahead of Raikkonen for only the second time this year.

Qualifying 1
For qualifying, many were talking about conditions that could be possibly the hottest on record in Formula 1 history. A 48c track temperature greeted drivers and the big question being asked was how many of the top runners would risk running the medium tyre in Q1 with a 1.3 second time difference between the two compounds.

With 4 minutes gone, only two drivers had sampled the track conditions with the Sauber of Guttierez the only man to have set a timed lap. Lap times were very much being drip thread through, and by the halfway stage with 10 minutes left, the Williams pair of Bottas and Maldonado topped the time sheets with a 1.21.5 on the softer compound tyre.

It was with only 8 minutes left in Q1 that the big guns decided to take to the track, and not surprisingly none of them thought it was acceptable to test the medium compound. Immediately the times started to fall and Grosjean toppled Vettel to go 1st with a 1.21.4. 3rd was Alonso just a tenth of a second behind the pair.

Impressive laps were being witnessed up and down the grid, with the Williams of Maldonado as high as 6th and Hulkenberg popping up into top 10 with 9th – the Sauber enjoying the new durable construction compounds a lot more it seemed. Mercedes however were proving that missing out on the Young Driver test at Silverstone the week before has had no bearing on their qualifying pace and both Rosberg and Hamilton immediately jumped up to P1 and P2 with 1.20.3’s.

A driver who was not enjoying the new construction compounds however was Paul Di Resta, who simply could not find any balance on any of his runs. With only seconds left, the Scotsman simply could not drag his Force India any higher than 18th, topping off a very frustrating afternoon finishing behind the Sauber of Guttierez who was 17th.
Both Caterhams outqualified both Marussia’s, supporting the view that their development path has really started to push them clear of the Russian team, with Charles Pic claiming the honours.

Qualifying 2
Q2 started in a much more frantic fashion, with the Lotus of Raikkonen going straight out on a scrubbed set of soft tyres to set a 1.20.9. If Webber thought that after the calamitous German Grand Prix weekend his luck may start to turn a page, he was to be severely disappointed as it was confirmed his RedBull had suffered a KERS failure.

The first runs of the top guns started to filter through and Grosjean who enjoyed P1 with a 1.20.4, who in turn was then displaced by the Mercedes of Hamilton once again. But Vettel, who was the only man on a fresh set of soft tyres maximised the grip available to achieve a magnificent 1.19.9 to lay down the first proper gauntlet with only 6 minutes left.

Ferrari were a team who were not enjoying things however, and both Alonso and Massa were suffering massive amounts of mid corner understeer costing both drivers a lot of time.

Rosberg was quick to make sure his Mercedes team-mate did not have things all his own way and ousted both Vettel and Hamilton to top the time sheets with a very solid 1.19.7.

A heroic lap by Mark Webber managed to see the Australian through in 8th position with a still faltering KERS unit, whilst Ricciardo managed Q3 for the 4th consecutive Grand Prix weekend by scraping through in 9th, finishing ahead of the rebuilt car of Sergio Perez.

Sutil managed to achieve 11th in what was a very downbeat qualifying for them, ahead of the consistent Hulkenberg in 12th. 13th place was a struggling Button who was suffering of yet more understeer issues, whilst Vergne finished 5 tenths off his team-mate in 14th. The Williams pair rounded off Q2 with 15th and 16th.

Qualifying 3
For the start of Q3, everyone opted for a set of scrubbed soft compounds for their first runs, apart from the Red Bull of Vettel who decided it was time to show his full hand for the first time.

Hamilton led Rosberg with a 1.20.3 after their first timed laps, but this was soon blown away by Vettel who achieved a monumental 1.19.5 to go 8 tenths clear of everyone. Behind it was a case of two by two as Grosjean led Raikkonen and Massa led Alonso in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.

Vettel’s team-mate Webber was to take no further part in qualifying however, as it was deemed not suitable to continue with the KERS failure meaning he will start tomorrow’s Grand Prix from 10th.
For the second runs, all drivers opted to bolt on a brand new set of soft compound tyres, apart from Perez who decided to run the faster race compound; the medium, in hope of achieving a stronger first stint during tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

Raikkonen was the first to blink, and went 2nd with a 1.20.3, but he was soon toppled by Rosberg and then his team-mate who went 2nd behind Vettel. Alonso was the next to cross the line to save a magnificent 4th place to push the Kimster down to 5th – a very frustrating Saturday for the Lotus driver once again.

But all eyes were on Hamilton, as he produced an absolutely blistering lap to go 2 tenths clear of Vettel with a 1.19.3. Vettel responded, however it was not enough and he had to settle for 2nd behind the Mercedes man 1 tenth off.
Hamilton is the only man to have won from pole position at the Hungaroring in the last 8 years, however if the long run pace on the medium compound is anything to go by, tomorrow may be his toughest challenge to maintain that statistic. But in the process it does mean he becomes the first team-mate of Rosberg’s to have out-qualified him in Hungary since 2006.

Who have you got your money on for tomorrow?

Starting Grid

1 Hamilton Mercedes
2 Vettel Red Bull
3 Grosjean Lotus
4 Rosberg Mercedes
5 Alonso Ferrari
6 Raikkonen Lotus
7 Massa Ferrari
8 Ricciardo Toro Rosso
9 Perez McLaren
10 Webber Red Bull
11 Sutil Force India
12 Hulkenberg Sauber
13 Button McLaren
14 Vergne Toro Rosso
15 Maldonado Williams
16 Bottas Williams
17 Gutierrez Sauber
18 di Resta Force India
19 Pic Caterham
20 van der Garde Caterham
21 Bianchi Marussia
22 Chilton Marussia

10 responses to “#F1 On Track Review: 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

  1. Safe bet for the victory has to be Vettel really. Their long-run pace was strastopheric. Although it’s virtually impossible to overtake in Hungary, RB’s crew is good at strategy and they’ll use undercutting to get Vettel ahead of Hamilton if he manages to stay ahead after Turn 2 on the first lap.

    The Lotuses will be strong, but they often flatter to deceive. I think Grosjean has a good chance of a podium, a win would only come if Vettel/RB make a massive mistake. Ferrari will probably have enough to take 4th/5th.

    The only unknown is how Mercedes will manage their tyres. Their long-run pace was about 1s behind RB’s, I think Hamilton will have it all to do tomorrow but I think it will be really really difficult. Rosberg might help by keeping the pack behind him too, that’s definitely something Ross Brawn can throw in for tomorrow :p

    Anyway, as much as I’d like to see Hamilton take his 1st win with Mercedes, I’ll go with a solid win for Vettel. RB are just too strong to not get the win.

    • Actually, looking at the P2 times I had Hamilton 3rd fastest, right around Grosjean’s times, but given Germany and the fact that Kimi isn’t starting 8th or 9th, I would put Kimi down for the win, followed by Vettel.

      Of course, if Lewis can bottle everyone up for the first 2 stints, I think he would be in with a real chance, but that Merc is a dog with full fuel and Vettel + DRS makes it a near impossibility. Best case for Lewis 3rd, likely 5th.

      I would have put Grosjean on the podium 3rd, but failing the floor test means he starts from the back so Alonso it is.

      • Nope, Grosjean remains 3rd. The floor was damaged during Q2 (Lotus had telemetry evidence showing the damage), so nothing changing there.

        Mercedes were always the fastest in the first sector, so I think that as long as Hamilton remains faster than Vettel in this sector, he should be in position to defend his lead. There’s no way to overtake in sector 2, and sector 3 : unless the car in front has a really bad entry on the last corner, there are usually no major openings.

        I just hope Hamilton gets a good clean start, his last start in Germany was really woeful, and Grosjean starting so high up the grid makes me nervous too. Can we expect him to come around without banging into another car ?

        • Thanks, missed that.

          I guess we’ll find out in a second, but I just hope Hamilton remembers the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

          Grosjean will be OK if he can start quickly enough. Otherwise, disaster.

  2. Alonso was a changed character from his other recent interviews. He seems very confident.

  3. Small correction – wasn’t Vettel on scrubbed options in Q2?

    Looking at the speed trap and sector times, Hamilton could be tough to pass in the first stint if he gets a decent start – not that I expect to see him in front after the first stops.

  4. “Lewis Hamilton has gone on to claim his 4th consecutive pole position of the season”

    Oh dear. You sure about that? Though I suppose it’s not as bad a mistake as the Telegraph’s Cary, who is actually on track and posted the grid as follows:

    Top 10 on grid in Budapest: 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Grosjean 4. Rosberg 5. Alonso 6. Kimi 7. Raikkonen 8. Ricciardo 9. Perez 10. Webber

  5. It was interesting to see Lewis so subdued after he got off the car. It’s as if he was thinking “What is the point, I’ll drive my ar*e off again and I’ll end up in the top 5 in the best case.”
    Due to the nature of the track, who knows, he has some slim chances of a podium.

  6. I am so looking forward to next year, so we will see if whoever replaces Webber takes over his bad luck too.

  7. As this is a favoured track by Webber having won here before – it is only natural that RBR would sabotage his race so that he won’t get in the way of Vettel!! (Yes- I’m another of those WCTAs – Webber conspiracy theorist advocates).
    Good luck to Hamilton, hope vettel and grojean have fun in the first corner.

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