Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 13th July 2013

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Red Bull refuse to rule out Mercedes/Pirelli style test

Yesterday TJ13 reported that Red Bull will be in southern Barcelona testing on Sunday and present will be a certain Toro Rosso driver. No other F1 media have reported this test and one could assume it is therefore somewhat secretive.

Christian Horner was most vocal about the lack of transparency surrounding the Mercedes/Pirelli Barcelona test.

The Sporting Life today are suggesting Horner has refuse to rule out a Red Bull similar style test with Pirelli. “Its something we will have to discuss with Pirelli. We will see.”

Horner makes clear he believes the important thing about individual teams conducting tyre testing with Pirelli in future is that “It has to be done transparently. We don’t want people sneaking off behind closed doors — and wearing nondescript helmets,” he said, alluding to one of the aspects of Mercedes’ test that so riled the paddock”.

Alonso ‘love in’ extended

Fernando was publically critical in germany of his team’s development of the 2013 Ferrari when he  suggested “they” needed to act and act quickly. Since then Il Padrino has made a point of telling the world that Felipe is supported by the the love of his Italian family.

Yesterday Fernando, like the prodigal son, began to extend the olive branch stating that the effort from Maranello this year was in fact a good 8 out of 10.

Today Alonso wants to set the record straight on other matters. In 2012 as Vettel began to dominate the latter races, Fernando belittled Vettel by suggesting it was Newey he was fighting and the car was the dominant reason for Red Bull’s success.

Alonso today is offering another olive branch as he tells Bild, “Maybe some people misunderstood; I was simply trying to say that it’s hard to fight against the car that can potentially be first and second in every race. This year it’s no longer the case. Sebastian is ahead because he does the best job.”

Fernando says he is still determined to fight for the 2013 title, “As long as we are not 50 or 60 points behind, we do not give up. Sebastian was 44 points behind last year and still won the title in the end. Everything is possible.”

Yet contrary to the Ferrari way which is clear about the fact they have a number 1 and number 2 driver, Fernando welcomes the idea of Vettel at Maranello. “I think we respect each other very much, and it would also be good for the team, maximising the performance of the car and also the points.”

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  1. I’ve asked Fernando to praise Vettel, i (almost) started to feel sorry for Danilo.
    So please Danilo, i hope you accept this olive branch from us Red Bull/Vettel bashers.

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