The Bar Exam: 30 May 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of thejudge13 Bar Exam. Enjoying your weekly trip down history/memory lane with the Bar Exam?

Last week’s question: Can you name the driver who drove the car in the picture? Also, can you name the team and car he was driving/for? Bonus point if you can tell me at which track and the event at which the photo was taken.

The answers I was looking for was: In 1983 Jean-Louise Schlesser drove the March-RAM 01 for the RAM Automotive Team March. The photo was taken during the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch on the 10th April 1983.

Well done to Mike, Anijs, Jon, Cassius and Adam. Others came close but not 100% correct.

This week’s question: Name the car, driver and circuit in the picture below and the race(s) won. Can you also name the driver(s) that won race(s) in the car and the Grand Prix.

20130530_Bar Exam © TheJudge13

Please provide your answers in the field below.

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