Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Monte Carlo 2013

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Vettel’s Vikings (my team) has climbed 5 places to a respectable 34th position.  To all in The Judge 13 All Star Racers league keep making your predictions on time; Montreal is set to be another cracker…with a little controversy thrown in for good measure.  Last year the race result was dictated by tyres, and this one looks to be no different.

Monaco Madness is a tough one to predict…

As we can see below, even the experts get it wrong sometimes.  Nobody could have predicted Alonso’s demise or the accidents Felipe Massa was going to have.  TJ13 Racing still made an improvement in league position highlighting what a low scoring weekend it was!

   TJ13 Racing - Monte Carlo 2013

On the Up

Mist Army had a great weekend, with 43% accuracy, meaning a gain of 14 places; which leaves the team 3 points clear in 2nd place.  Scuderia Forza was the most improved with a 20 place gain.  Both of these teams had selected Rosberg for the win and Vettel for a placed finish.

 Mist Army - Monte Carlo 2013

One to Forget

As far as bad weekends go this was a cut above the rest for From Russia with Love.  Just 2 points scored for predicting Button to finish in 8th position meant a miserable weekend in the principality.

 From Russia with Love - Monte Carlo 2013

The only way is up

Huppy is propping up the rest of the league at the moment, with 77 points.  Although having only been involved for 3 rounds, it is excusable to be down there.  However, Mark Webber for pole was somewhat optimistic.

Nobody saw it coming

It was a fairly special weekend for Giedo van der Garde.   After making it out of Q1 for the first time, he went on to set the fastest lap, on lap 6 of the race.  Whilst he didn’t end up with any kind of spectacular result, no doubt it was a welcome change from fighting for a higher finish than the “best of the rest” positions.

In the points paying positions, nobody predicted Alonso’s poor finish.  Stefano Domenicali attributed his lack of pace to something being stuck in his front wing for much of the race causing a loss of aerodynamic effect, however, as many would agree; Fernando did not look quite like himself this GP.  It must have been demoralising giving back the position to Perez, which was a questionable decision to say the least.

Food for thought

After a controversial tyre test in Barcelona, Mercedes seem to be able to manage the tyres better than before.  Was this purely down to the less abrasive tarmac in Monte Carlo or have they mastered the setup issues that have plagued them so far this season?  The answer will come in 2 week in Montreal.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

How many Finnish winners of the Monaco GP have there been?  Who were they? And what years did they win?

Last question’s answer

The question was:  Fernando Alonso has now won twice in Spain, (this year and Valencia 2012).  Who was the last driver to win their home Grand Prix other than Fernando Alonso?
(Home meaning nationality, not where they currently reside)

Answer: The answer was Felipe Massa.  He won the Brazilian GP, way back in 2008 to take the WDC; for all of about 20 seconds.  For those who need reminding, there is a short clip below.

Don’t count your chickens until they hatch comes to mind!

7 responses to “Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Monte Carlo 2013

  1. LOL, that poor mechanic going apeshyte is one of my favourite F1 moments. He just rams hi head into the sign at fult pelt. ROFL

  2. Hm, Finnish Monaco winners. Keke is the obvious choice. It was mentioned only 3000 times that he won 30 years ago. Next driver of some importance was Mika, who won in both his championship years I think, which would be 98 and 99. Kimi comes next and I think he won once with McLaren. Schumacher was still going strong, so this must have been 2005. Kovalainen never won Monaco, so Kimi is the last, although Nico half qualifies. he has both the German and Finnish citizenship, but he races with a German license.

  3. This is the third Grand Prix in a row where I have ended up one place behind the judge, despite the fact that we have both scored different points, with different selections, however, we are on the way up!

  4. I’d hate to do the ‘Victims of Circumstance’ for this race – so many incidents to take into account

  5. I think I banked too much on the other teams being able to use the overlap to jump the Mercs in the race. Oh, and I sort of didn’t allow for Perez to take himself and Kimi out of the equation..

    Still, picking Chilton for places gained was a good bet – solid enough to finish but likely to qualify at the back so a bit of attrition infront of him combined with lack of overtaking opportunities was always likely to bump him well up at the finish.

  6. How do you know where tj13 league is overall (you say it is in 34th position – how do you know that? – I’m sure it is there somewhere, I just cannot see it).

    • wow, I’ve really misread this one. Too much time spent on the sportal F1 league maybe. I’ll amend it.

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