FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2013 – Driver of the Weekend

Nico Rosberg © Mercedes AMG PetronasWho do you think was the driver of the weekend? This takes into account more than just the race. Please use the comment box to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

10 responses to “FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2013 – Driver of the Weekend

  1. Has to be Rosberg – fastest in practice, qualifying and won the race. OK – as a local, he knows the roads!

  2. I gave it to sutil. Made up some good places at the sharp end of the race, with some real overtaking in not the fastest car. PdR would get second for same reason.
    Rosberg was, of course, flawless, but he had it pretty easy – clean air and nobody to bother him. All he had to do was keep it out of the barriers.

    • Which he did – unlike some others! There was a shot of him just grazing the barrier during, I think, qualifying, but as commentators reminded us, Nigel Mansell used to say you had to smudge the Goodyear transfers on the tyres to be doing really well at Monaco!

  3. With Mercedes favored to win pole here for weeks prior, the pressure was very much on the two Merc drivers. Rosberg’s performance was superb under this pressure all weekend, as he consistently outperformed his renown WC team-mate. In the race he was repeatedly presented with opportunities to give away the lead, particularly with pace cars and the pit-stop sequence, but he never set a wheel wrong, and executed perfectly. His team-mate unfortunately exhibited the cost of a potential small lapse in execution. Well done Nico! Bravo!

    • I note with interest your point re Mr Hamilton Vortexmotio. The burning question I have is that Schumacher was faster than Rosberg last year in qualifying, and Rosberg is faster than Hamilton. Does that mean Schumacher is faster than Hamilton or is it just that the car suits Rosberg better?

  4. Adrian Sutil for me, for pulling a rabbit out of the hat twice at Loews. Surprising, creative and technically perfect overtakes on two former world-champions.

  5. Regarding Perez, I agree he spiced things up with gutsy passes x 3 at the corner after the tunnel. BUT, the last one on Raikonen I thought was deserving of a penalty. I was surprised that this was not looked at by the stewards during the race – causing a collision.

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