The Bar Exam: 23 May 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of thejudge13 Bar Exam. Hope you all enjoyed the last one, seems like that anyway, I had a number of correct answers!

Last week’s question: Can you name the model of the main car in the picture, which year it was raced, who drove it and how many championships were won (car and driver) if any?

The answers I was looking for was:
The car in the picture was the Cooper T51 as was driven in 1959 by Jack Brabham. He was the first driver to win a championship in a rear engined car. It was driven until 1963 and no less than 38 drivers entered Grand Prix races in the T51. Other well known drivers include; Sir Stirling Moss, Bruce McLaren, Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips (the list is not exhaustive).

I was also reliably informed that the same chassis was also run by Scuderia Centro Sud, but with a Maserati engine and Rob Walker with a B.R.M engine. (thanks Danilo)

Well done to Danilo, Simon, BlackJackFan, Cassius and Karbry.

This week’s question: Can you name the driver who drove the car in the picture below? Also, can you name the team and car he was driving/for? Bonus point if you can tell me at which track and the event at which the photo was taken.


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