The Bar Exam: 16 May 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of thejudge13 Bar Exam. The previous Bar Exam seem to have been a difficult one again and after providing some clues in yesterday’s Daily News and Comment we received one correct answer.

Last week’s question: Can you name the car and the year in which the car raced from the pictures in the slideshow. Can you also note how many wins the car took in the year(s) it was raced. (There are 5 images)

The answers I was looking for was:
1. AFM-Kuechen – 1952 (0 races won)
2. Alfa Romeo 179F – 1981-1982 (0 races won)
3. Aston Martin DBR4 -250 1959 – 1960 (0 races won)
4.Cooper T43 – 1957-1960 (1 race won)
5. Life Racing Engines F190 – 1990 (0 races won)

Well done to Jon, our only correct answer for the week.

This week’s question: Can you name the model of the main car in the picture below, which year it was raced, who drove it and how many championships were won (car and driver) if any?


Please provide your answers in the field below.


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