2013 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix – Driver of the Weekend

Fernando Alonso Chinese Grand Prix 2013

Today’s Chinese Grand Prix was raced in three parts. A rather dull filling held in the sandwich by a delikatessen baguette. In all this who do you think was the driver of the weekend? This takes into account more than just the race. Please use the comment box to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

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  1. I think Lewis did a great job to get the car on pole and finish 3rd so get’s my vote. Considering his driving style does not suit the Pirelli tyres and Vettel’s late attack … not too bad for a day’s work.

    Saying that, Alonso was great but one has to feel sorry for Felipe.

    • “Considering his driving style does not suit the Pirelli tyres and Vettel’s late attack … not too bad for a day’s work.”

      This race it’s tyres, last race it was fuel. What’s the excuse for next week?

  2. Kimi gets my vote today with a gutsy drive in spite of a damaged wing. However Lewis comes a close second. Both true racers who can drive the pants off anything as long as its got four wheels

    • What about the guy that won? Is he not a true racer? oh yeah he drives for Ferrari so the FIA must have rigged the result so he could win.

  3. Alonso, great start and constantly hammering in those laptimes, and he wasn’t even pushing 😉

  4. How did Perez not get a penalty? Answer the views of the stewards that penalised Webber are obviously biased. Perez weaved several times.
    Driver of the day is Raikkonen.

  5. Must be Alonso – who was pretty well immaculate – and Raikkonen runner up (I’m not sure he should take any blame for the Perez incident, but putting himself on the outside of an inexperienced driver like that was an unnecessary risk).

    Hamilton I thought was tactically inept – though the Mercedes team must share the blame.
    He should have (been) stopped a lap earlier at the beginning of the race. It’s a pretty obvious mistake when you have to stop both your drivers on the same lap.

    Of the front runners, he spent by far the most time running in traffic (often behind a fast car on new tyres), which must have significantly affected his overall pace.
    Despite the miscalculation, a dogged effort though.

  6. The driver that wins pole and finishes third, 13 seconds behind the race winner gets 14% of the votes so far. Bwahahahahahahahaha

    • A faster qualifying car, and slower race car, would put them both equal on this count. Analysis of qualifying lap sectors shows Hamilton was consistent in all 3 sectors with second fastest sector. Personally, I voted for Hulkenberg, dragging his car ahead of Vettel for the first stint – and possibly outperforming his team-mate even more than Ricciardo and Bianchi (although the team-mate can always under perform, of course), despite the best efforts of the team. Surprised no one had voted for him already (did someone click Esteban instead by accident? Or was it for the accident!), although granted Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton are worthy winners in my book too. Button also.

  7. Great effort from Ricciardo after being no where in race 1&2 and getting some stick.

    Thought the Hulk did well early doors and feel sorry for Massa. I thought he led the line well for Ferrari all weekend until Q3.

    Very happy for Alonso though. Can’t believe he’s not won for 14 races. He kept his head down when Felipe was looking good in FP, made light of press attempts to rattle him over past 4 qualy sessions. He gets my vote.

  8. I stupidly voted for Alonso but on reflection it has to be Raikonen. He demonstrated real control over the situation and drove the car to second despite real damage to the front aero parts of the car – a real rally driver!

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