The Bar Exam: 07 March 2013

Another week and another Bar Exam. I’ve said this before but I have to say it again. No sooner had the last exam question been published and I had the first answer. If it was the wrong one I’d have been delighted however TJ13 followers seem to be of a different kind and very switched on!

Last week’s question was: Name the engine manufacturer of the engine in the image, the engine model, the drivers that raced it in their car (including the team) and how many races it won.

The Answer:
Engine Manufacturer: Honda
Engine Model: RA168E
Drivers: Alain Prost & Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet & Satoru Nakajima
Team: McLaren & Team Lotus 100T
Race Wins: 15

I had a lot of answers and people identifying the McLaren link but only C-bahn got the Lotus 100T right as well so well done sir! Well done to Dave, Karbry, Vanessa who got the McLaren link correct.

For this week – Which businessman sponsored this car (bonus if you can name the car) and why did he do it?

TJ13 Bar Exam 20130307
Please fill out your answers in the form below. Also, I am looking for some feedback. Do you want acknowledgement as soon as you have entered or are you happy for me to just publish names in the next Bar Exam?