TheJudge13 GP Predictor game for the 2013 season


I played this with some friends last year and we had a huge amount of fun from it. It is not as complicated as some of the fantasy team games – which are great if that’s your thing. Mrs Judge is not a mega F1 analyst – she is brilliant at attracting ‘interest’ from certain known individuals within the sport (say no more) and loves her F1 art – anyway she was in our league last year and did pretty well by making her selections about 5 days before the weekend (head scratching).

Charlie W has joined already and we’ll be getting a few F1 celebs to play along. Welcome also to regular TJ13 contributor DWilD.

You have to simply predict the pole position, fastest lap, person who will make up the most number of places during the race together with the order of race positions from 1-10.

There were 20,000 global entrants last year and I managed to finish in the top 400. They had a prize of $35,000 of motorsport ‘vouchers’ for the global winner and other prizes for certain race weekend achievements.

Also there are 3 ‘experts’ to play against – Autosport and 2 others I don’t remember (I think Herbert was one) – and they were soundly beaten by TJ13 🙂

Anyway we have our own league within the global game called “TheJudge13 All Star F1 racers” so if you fancy a bit of fun and banter why not enter.


Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 10 points – Correctly predicted finishing position.
  • 5 points – Prediction one place away from actual finishing position.
  • 2 points – Prediction two places away from actual finishing position.
  • 0 points – Prediction more than two places away from actual finishing position.

Extra selections

Extra points can be scored under the following criteria:

  • 5 points – Correctly selecting the driver on pole position.
  • 5 points – Correctly selecting the driver with fastest race lap.
  • 5 points – Correctly selecting the driver who gained the most positions.

Bonus points

For 2013, the bonus points system has been simplified, and will be based on individual race performance. Bonus points will therefore be awarded for achieving the following landmark sequences or predictions in any race as follows:

  • 100 bonus points – Correctly predict the top 10 finishers in position in the same race.
  • 60 bonus points – Correctly predict six of the top 10 drivers in position in the same race.
  • 30 bonus points – Correctly predict the top three finishers in position in the same race.
  • 20 bonus points – Correctly predict the driver on pole position, the driver with the fastest lap and the driver who gained the most positions, all in the same race.
  • 10 bonus points – Correctly predict the winner of a race.

These bonus points will be awarded each time you make the corresponding correct prediction during the season.

Below is the link to register with the game and the global league. when you have registered with the global league, you need to put your email address in a comment at the bottom of this post and we will then be able to ‘invite’ you to TJ13’s league.

Click here and go to (don’t worry they get nothing out of it, or retain your details) and click on the ‘Castrol GP Predictor’ green bar. Then follow the registration details – it is merely email address and then create a team name.

I have a team called ‘TJ13 Racing’ so take me on guys and girls. Will TJ13’s inside knowledge beat the field or are you actually good enough to read the ‘tea leaves’ better than me?

TIME IS SHORT – registration closes in 8 days.

28 responses to “TheJudge13 GP Predictor game for the 2013 season

  1. I also did this last year, agreed it was great fun. I can’t remember where I came, but I think I ended in the 900’s, which I was happy with, and I think I beat all 4 experts (the 2 you couldn’t remember were Andy Prilaux and Darren Turner – yes I know, sad 🙂 ) . I see Karun Chandhok is the lead expert as opposed to Herbert this year.

    Coincidentally, I was on the site just before I came on here, but anyway, I have joined your group, and look forward to competing against everyone else again.

    I would also recommend this GP predictor:

    Points system is more complicated, but this makes it easier to score points on this one. You choose the same options, apart from you choose who you think will come last, as opposed to who will gain the most positions.

    • much appreciated DWilD. We can only publish one game’s result I’m afraid otherwise it gets too confusing – maybe next year for the one you suggest.

      I knew I’d kicked Herbert’s butt – but then again that shouldn’t be hard….

  2. Judge – On an unrelated note to my earlier post (although I did find these whilst on GPToday looking for the link I gave), 2 stories you might not have seen (although you probably have)

    1. This has been rumoured for a while, but seems things could be moving towards that direction:

    2. This is just a stupid, but funny, story:

    • 900’s was good – no one except me in our league was inside top 1500.

      I’ve heard the Honda rumours from a number of sources – and it fits with the McLaren Mercedes divorce theory I’ve been propounding since October.

      I’ll check out the other. Thank you.

  3. To those who want to join – ‘Judge’ shouldn’t need to send you a code. If you click on the ‘Judge 13 All Stars…’ link just above the scoring in the above article, it will send you to their page, then you will be able to see the unique code. This is what I did.

      • There are several strict definitions, and I think this year, I might mean all of them in varying strengths at varying times!

        though this definition is definately foremost in my mind!:
        “A person or thing whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain”

  4. Well, this will be a new challenge for me but it does sound like fun. I think I’ve managed to join. Can’t wait.

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