Barcelona: Final pre-season test day 1, The story of the morning in pictures

The morning in pictures includes technical observations, humour and a feel for what it is like to be there.

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Weather Forecast

Thursday 28th Feb: Light Rain gradually getting heavier as the day progresses. Top temperature of 9 degrees c.

Friday 1st Mar: Heavy rain in the morning, decreasing in strength throughout the day. Dry mid afternoon. Top temperature 10 degrees c.

Saturday 2nd March: Clear skies all day. Top temperature of 12 degrees c.

Sunday 3rd March: Clear skies in the morning, clouding over around 13:00. Top temperature 13 degrees c.

Driver Schedule

Team Car 28th Feb 1st March 2nd March 3rd March
Red Bull RB9 Webber Vettel Webber Vettel
Ferrari F138 Massa Alonso Massa Alonso
McLaren MP4-28 Perez Button Perez Button
Lotus E21 Grosjean Grosjean Raikkonen Raikkonen
Mercedes W04 Hamilton Rosberg Hamilton Rosberg
Sauber C32 Gutierrez Hulkenberg Gutierrez Hulkenberg
F India VJM06 Di Resta TBA TBA TBA
Williams FW35 Bottas Bottas Maldonado Maldonado
T Rosso STR8 Vergne Vergne Ricciardo Ricciardo
Caterham CT03 Pic VD Garde VD Garde Pic
Marussia MR02 Razia Razia/Chilton Chilton Razia/Chilton

With the first 2 days of the final 2013 pre-season test forecast to be significantly worse than the final two days, I find the driver scheduling interesting. Lotus, Williams and surprisingly Toro Rosso are offering a clear advantage to Raikkonen, Maldonado and Ricciardo. Following JEV’s comments about his team mate which TJ13 reported earlier in the week, this kind of decision by the team does send a message to a driver whether consciously or not.

Razia has clearly brought a suitcase of money and has earned 1 days driving credit with the rest TBA.

Force India are still being cagey over Sutil. No wonder Vijay’s business empire is on the brink. MAKE THE ANNOUNCEMENT …..please….Bob the builder of fast cars 🙂

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