Ecclestone muses on all things F1, Oksana Kosachenko shoots from the hip, Watches for all at Silverstone, Force India’s new sponsors

From the Bench: So Van der Garde confirmed since last post – another notch for TJ13 (not that I’m counting 😉 ). Further, Bart de Pauw writing his first ‘On this day in F1’ appears to have supernatural powers. He picked the announcement 6 years ago, that VDG was to test the Spyker car. Some cool footage and how much did he pay back then for this privilege (OTD 1st Feb)

So 2 GP2 drivers make it to F1 today as Louiz Razia (did we call this too?) makes it into the second Marussia car.

TJ13 Recruitment: The team is building quite nicely. We have 2 ‘On this day writers’, but could do with another 1 or 2. We will help you find the sources and advise on writing.

Also, if anyone fancies running a ‘news desk’, this will be 1 paragraph ‘breaking news’ stories on a separate Tj13 page contact me at You will be someone able to access the internet throughout the day – European time.

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Which one’s the doppleganger?

Anyway, Bernie’s had quite a lot to say over the past 24 hours, though it appears his PR people didn’t realise there were McLaren and Ferrari gargantuan media events occurring. Reminiscent of his comments in the Autumn on the 20th race ‘definitely’ being in France – when the vacant date was the weekend of Le Mans.

Bernie’s inside Tip is this “I see it in this order: Vettel, Alonso, Button and Hamilton,” comments La Gazzetta. If this is true, then Ladbrokes have

How has Bernie decided upon this mysterious prediction? Does he have a formula other than 1? Well, here’s a little inside secret. Bernie has selected the top 4 driver’s in order of the bookies odd’s.

I checked a few bookmakers websites and this is what you get for each driver winning the WDC. Vettel 11/8, Alonso 11/4, Jenson 7/1 and Lewis 10/1. Kimi is 5th favourite at 12/1.

Bernie on Mercedes: Following the ‘re-structuring’ at Brackley recently, Mr. E thinks the team are much better positioned to do better in 2013. He also thinks that whether Ross brawn stays or goes, this will have little bearing on the teams performance.

“They have got Toto there and they have got Niki. That will probably be enough,” Ecclestone told City A.M.

Bernie on McLaren: “Many will not share my opinion,” surely not, “but I think McLaren is now better balanced and Button has the potential to be even better.”

Bernie on Ferrari: “Ferrari will be strong, I have no doubt,” he said. “But they need to start well, they can’t wait for five or six races and then emerge,” TJ13 says ‘why not’ – Vettel did.

Bernie on rubbish teams: “In Formula One, there should only be the best, not teams that have difficulties. I think there should be ten teams at the most. It’s the ideal number to manage the championship well.”

Bernie on Nurburgring: “The deal is done”. How much are they paying Mr. Ecclestone – silence.

Bernie on Monza: there has been some trouble down near Milan. The custodian, Enrico Ferrari, of the Royal Park and the historic circuit Monza that lies within has been ousted in recent days.

Bernie admits he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on, but issues a veiled threat to the heirs apparent. “Thanks to him [Enrico Ferrari], Monza had a favourable economic treatment compared to all the other European races.” Tell us more….

“On the continent, no race is as cheap as the Grand Prix of Italy. He was tough in business, but competent, straightforward, clean.”

Ferrari’s successor is Fabrizio Turci who is clearly outside the F1 Supremo’s circle of love. “I do not know and do not envy him. Without Ferrari it will be more complicated, because Enrico was a key man.”

Timo Glock farewell: I was trying to find something fitting to say goodbye to Timo. His best result being second in hungary 2008 for Toyota. Sadly this is the best I can find on YouTube – its spectacular.

Petrov’s manager throws in the towel: I have to say i quite like Oksana Kosachenko, she wears her heart on her sleeve in the world of F1 where everyone is hedging their bets – except Lewis of course on his twitter-machine.

Oksana for the past two months has publicly told us Petrov is – in, and then out – as often as the Nurburgring has been – on, and then off – as 2013 German GP host.

Commenting on the opportunity at Caterham she say, “For Vitaly, it was the only possibility to stay in F1 in 2013. We knew this a few days ago, about the decision of the team, which we have to respect. I wouldn’t say we didn’t expect it.”

Petrov earned Caterham the vital 10th place in the championship. not just for the $10-15m of prize money it brought, but as we now know, bernie has only contracted and paid signing on fee’s to the top 10 teams.

There had been rumours of the Russian driver joining the ‘Russian’ team Marrusia but Kosachenko scotches this theory telling R-Sport in Russia, Vitaly “never” held talks with Marussia and added he would not be a race driver this year, but could take on another role in the sport.

“We have to sit down, we have to see what possibilities do we have. We have a few offers for Vitaly to stay in F1 and around the paddock, so we have to decide what is the best for him,” she said, adding that racing in another series was “not a likely” an option. Before securing his Caterham place for last season, Petrov was heavily linked with a tire-testing role at Pirelli.

Kosachenko spent much of 2012 struggling to obtain sponsorship for Petrov, and was scathing about the lack of support from Russian companies and Sochi race organizers.

“I believe that a driver who has shown his possibilities in Formula One within three years deserves to be supported,” she said.

“They never gave any proper offer, they never let us talk seriously. We have to do something to promote Sochi Grand Prix, and this is a bad mistake they are doing.”

“The ever-growing focus on sponsorship money has caused an influx of drivers whose earning power outstrips their ability and has corrupted F1 as a sport”, she added.

“Formula One is really expensive at the moment. Actually it isn’t a sport at the moment, it’s tending to be a show, and I believe that we have more and more and more rental drivers in Formula One,” Kosachenko remarked disdainfully.

Mmm. There’s a thought. A Russian on the throne at 8, Place de la Concorde, Paris.

Vitaly Petrov farewell: Our tribute to Vitaly’s big F1 moment. Notice Eric Boullier getting into the grouve too.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Force India sponsors: As one eagle eyed TJ13 reader spotted, the Vijalmallya06 had no new sponsors on prior to the launch. However, soon after there were another couple of financial announcements to be made.

“Sahara Force India is delighted to announce the signing of a multi-year partnership with Chatham Marine, which sees the UK’s leading boat shoe manufacturer become the official supplier of team footwear.”

Further, as is the case when a team gets a luxury timepiece manufacturer on board – it will be watches all round at Silverstone. TW Steel have now joined in partnership with Viajay, Bob and he lads.

“With its name meaning ‘The Watch in Steel’, TW Steel is firmly established as a big, bold, global lifestyle brand. Its timepiece collections are reflective of and available for all tastes and occasions with innovative design and luxurious styling paired together with Swiss build quality and an exceptional price point.

TW Steel offers a defined sense of individuality and shows to the world that as a bold and ambitious personality, you wear a statement watch that truly reflects who you are.

Here now is the Force India sponsors picture. All the companies with Big thumbnails were VJ’s companies, bar Pirelli. Strange they get such prominence when Bob Fearnley claimed that non of the owners companies contributed to the team.

Well, the makers of watches are obviously lobbing such huge quantites of cash into the pot, they now get prime time billing.

Chatham on the other hand get a little box at the bottom.

FI sponsors

Force India Launch: here is the teams compilation vidoe of their big day.

I think I prefer the ‘Imperial March’

Paul Di Resta: Is apparently a threat to the elderly. This is a rather rude piece of satire from Not for fans of Paul.


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  1. “Petrov’s manager throws in the towel”

    Maybe holding up Alonso in 2010 at Abu Dhabi wasn’t the best career decision.

    • Agreed. Think there have been a few bad decisions by Vitaly.

      However, forget the morality of it all. Sochi are spending $100’s millions for the Winter Olympics – you would have thought somewhere in Russia, $20m could have been found to ensure a Russian driver on the grid in Russia 2014.

      Abramovic reportedly spends $1bn a year on reindeer conservation???

    • On the contrary, he almost didn’t last for the following 2011 season and some believe that the 2010 Abu Dhabi drive earned him another shot.

      The reality is more the same as it was for talent over the past 5 years like Sutil, Alguesuari, Kobayashi, Liuzzi, Davidson, Sato, Senna, Trulli, De La Rosa, Di Grassi, Heidfeld etc. Just not enough money to continue as team cost sky rocket while revenue is relatively low.

      2010 Abu Dhabi, plus a little more money, saved the boy for a while.

  2. Are you sure it’s not mauve?

    It is of course quite possible to make any colour look like another, simply by lighting with the appropriate coloured beam. The shadows too can be coloured. Anyone fortunate enough to have been to Philips colour theatre in Eindhoven will say that it looks like magic. (Thanks to PJ of Saab GB many years ago.)

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