Brawn admits he may choose to leave, Mercedes confirm they have contacted Paddy Lowe, Hip Lotus launch E21 via Social Media, Some Jenson nostalgia

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TJ13 Recruitment: We have 2 new members announced yesterday which is exciting – they’re raring to go. Bart’s first piece for ‘On this Day’ will be Feb 1st. A quick word. It has pointed out to me that I may have made the production of ‘On this Day’ sound arduous and difficult. I love doing ‘On this day’ and will probably always retain a day or so a week to do this. I get absorbed in the stories, following links from Wikipedia to all kinds of journals I’ve never read past and present.

In the past 15 weeks or so, my F1 knowledge on historic events and the specific detail has grown exponentially – of course then you begin to see parallels with current F1 themes. Fabulous way to learn about F1 with a bit of structure to that research. I can give any ‘On this day’ journalist the topics for the day if that helps and show them how to do the research too.

When up to speed, OTD should take about 30 mins to produce from start to finish – this includes finding appropriate YouTube video etc. The if you start enjoying yourself it may take a little longer. 🙂 If interested in taking 1 day a week drop me a line at

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To many F1 people on the internet are insular and afraid their readers will leave them if they allow links to be posted on their sites. While we’re on this topic – 2 huge thank you’s I must make, to and who let TJ13 post regular links to articles in their comments section of their sites when we were starting. This helped create a base readership for TJ13 that otherwise would have been a longer slog to deliver.

Remember TJ13 is also a social media project (see page) as well as a news and insight F1 community. I have been impressed with the knowledge of TJ13 fans – and at times it is from them we get first hints of stories emerging in the non-UK F1 media. Quality will always out, so F1 websites that are good should have nothing to fear by allowing links to be posted.

If the links started to lead to adverts, inappropriate content etc, then a moderating approach would need to be taken. I don’t foresee this with you guys though.

It feels great to start the day not behind the news curve…. Oh no, here we go…..

Early News: 12:16 (GMT) From Brackley is, mainstream media reporters say, Brawn says he is not being driven out and for now he says, “I’m the team principal and I’m in charge”.

TJ13 hears he also said, “If I choose to leave then Paddy will come”. The most Mercedes will admit to at present is that they have approached Paddy Lowe. Offers to join Mercedes AMG are contingent on Brawn’s long-term plans. More to come later….

Lewis says, “I’m assured by Ross (Brawn) that he’s here for the long term. I’ve had lots of positive experiences with Paddy Lowe but he’s part of McLaren as far as I know.

Byron Young of the Mirror says when asked about Paddy Lowe replacing him, RB says, “Ross Brawn ref Paddy Lowe: ‘I know all the plans for the future at the team and I hope I will be part of them for a very long time.'”

12:36 (GMT) Reports are still disjointed and confusing, Anthony Rowlinson tweets, “Ross says ‘Paddy (Lowe) is not coming’. Then adds…’If I choose to leave then Paddy will come'”

Lotus announce their launch: I generally like whoever is pulling the strings behind Lotus’ F1 media profile. They have taken the previous incarnation of the Enstone image – which for me was predominantly dominated by the awkwardness of Eric Boulier’s public persona – and in the past 12 months become the hip and trendy F1 team.

Signing renown party animal Kimi Raikkonen may have been part of developing this ‘devil-may-care’ persona. Yet there is a definite happy-go-lucky vibe of ‘we’re just doing our thang’ in the way I perceive their media communications – most of which do not include Kimi as the primary subject.

The reason for these musings, I have suggested before that whilst the F1 teams desperately attempt to manipulate the media for their own ends, the result is that the team culture shines through in the panacea of their public representation (A more thorough examination of this is a Guest article in waiting).

So laid back Lotus, have bided their time and hi-jacked the rest of the F1 teams and the E21 will excite fans worldwide as the first of the new years cars to be revealed, Mon 28th January. It is no coincidence that the team have chosen a form of social media to streamed the launch live from their base in Oxfordshire via the teams YouTube TV channel. (Lotus TV)

Sky will assist with the production of this, offering comment and additional content on the SKY news channel. This all takes place 19:15 (GMT), 20:15 (CET).

Here is the list of the F1 teams 2013 ‘grandiose ouverture’ who are signed up by Ecclestone to compete in the 2013 season – with Marrusia as the notable exception. Worrying for Williams fans is the late launch they’ve scheduled for the second test in Barcelona and a little historic research reveals this course of action not to be promising.

Team Date
Lotus F1 28 January 2013
McLaren 31 January 2013
Ferrari 1 February 2013
Force India 1 February 2013
Sauber F1 2 February 2013
Red Bull Racing 3 February 2013
Mercedes AMG 4 February 2013
Scuderia Toro Rosso 4 February 2013
Caterham F1 5 February 2013
Williams F1 19 February 2013

Glock out: Not one for ‘boastful self promotion’, but it is more rewarding when the tea leaves are read successfully than it is from getting a tip-off to be first to a tale. Due to snow and telecoms issues, I was too busy with Toto taking over at Brackley and advance news of Paddy Lowe, to report the Glock leaving Marussia news.

Yet this is what TJ13 had to say about Marussia and Glock back in December. TJ13 News 20/12/12

On this day: 24th Jan

Jenson Button became the youngest ever British F1 driver, age 20, when Williams announced he had been given a 5 year contract. An emotional Jenson told the assembled press, “I am still on cloud nine, the last 45 minutes have been amazing; difficult to explain because I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

The holder of the youngest British driver mantle prior to this was Sir Sterling Moss. Generous as ever, Moss was enthusiastic for Jenson, `It’s a fantastic achievement and I wish him all the best. I’m obviously sorry to have been pushed out of the record books as the youngest British F1 driver, but what the hell. We’ll have to start calling him `The Boy’, as they referred to me when I was new to it.”

Here’s how Jenson’s first race ended…

And his first ever post qualifying interview at the 2nd round of the season…

Quotes from ESPNF1

13 responses to “Brawn admits he may choose to leave, Mercedes confirm they have contacted Paddy Lowe, Hip Lotus launch E21 via Social Media, Some Jenson nostalgia

  1. Firstly TJ13, let me apologize for not responding to your reply, on my earlier comment. Have been busy doing this and that, and haven’t been following F1 things so much, with being the winter, etc. I’m reading a bit of a battle cry in Brawn’s comments, with him feeling the need to state he is still in charge. As is usually the case with people in senior positions, officially he will resign, even though he is actually being pushed out. However much he wants to dress it up, there is no way he is in charge, to the same level as he was, pre- Lauda and Wolff. His comment indicating that Lowe will only be hired, should he himself decide to leave, is again, a comment to try and convince us ( and maybe himself ), of his authority within Merc GP. He’s becoming more of a senior deckhand, and less of an Admiral, on the good ship Merc GP. Whether his pride can tolerate it, remains to be seen.

  2. Well good on F1Fanatic and James Allen. Crikey, they practically deserve awards for recognition of what the internet is for. Generous, gentlemanly and confident netizenship.

    One thought – definitely for a rainy day, or when a slot opens up in my work plans, which often gives up a few days downtime (we don’t have defined weekends), that might possibly be helpful for “On This Day”: in need of a little TLC (plastic feed hopper needs fixing up) but otherwise dandy in my home office is a high speed duplex Canon document scanner. I’m happy to trawl ebay for back issue magazine sets and feed them through / OCR fir the benefit of OTD’s compilers. Which titles / years / periods are of interest to you guys?

    Bear in mind that the bindings must be cut, to feed through. (so anything really collectable is a bad idea, or I’ll run those on the flatbed) No way otherwise will I sit turning pages! But at about a magazine every 90 seconds, the ingest is plenty fast enough to be no chore, and could casually build up a decent stock / reference.

    No doubt you guys have archive access to just about anything you can get your hands on, but are there any gaps you’d like to fill?

    • No archives at present – just some places that give events, like driver born/died/won race/signed a contract/team went bust/whips and leather…oops…was detemined to keep max out of this – all that stuff ad infinitum.

      The its a trawl around the Intergalactic web for Video/pics (hard to get not copyrighted) and articles for info and quotes

      • Okay. But I’m going to set a ebay watch / search for any big back issue collections of the obvious titles. I’m fairly convinced that the engine I use “dtsearch” builds a far better index than any of the search features of any publications I’ve got archive access to. ( even is lacking, and you just so rarely have the ability to run complex queries on any site)

        Without doubt, driver quotations and factual information are not copyright (though there’s often been big scraps, particularly in the US, over stats) so I was thinking more along the lines of being able to dig up who said what about who, considering what fun Alonso’s given us replying to Marko. Any number of times I fail to remember juicy little nuggets, like when Rubens was being discussed the other day, and I wished I could recall some of his grumpy post race takes when still at Williams, before he was pushed. That sort of thing anyhow. Dtsearch really lets you drill into documents, so if you know roughly what you’re after. Consider the following: page contains or will be near the race date, location, driver name, article contains quotation marks and so on, even considering word frequency, so say in interviews you might have Rubens mentioned before his words, as Rubens or “RB:” e.g. , well all that is a doddle. You get whopping sized indexes, but it’s a wicked tool to have.

        Maybe I’m just getting too nerdy, but if you think the idea is even of marginal use, I’ll have a crack at it, and you can always remote desktop in to have a gander. (I plan to build a web interface also, because the command line is a bit daunting, but for work use, our application is testing correlations between language patterns and advertiser bookings)

        Here’s the link for the software:

        will work multilingually as well, so I’m not adverse to acquiring any title

        • JoJ, not sure that I’m following all of your interface and remote desktop stuff as that’s really not my area of expertise, but every now and then I come across someone that is offering (especially older) racing magazines that I think would be great to have but that are quite burdensome to physically store/archive, also because most of the time they are not in a very collectible condition… So from that perspective I’m interested in what you are offering the next time I see an interesting lot of older racing magazines as electronic storage/archiving seems a lot better solution for these.

      • Hmm, is there any site out there that has collected user pics from races? I don’t know what incentives might work, or what quality one might expect, but I’d hazard there’s a bunch of semi pros or serious amateurs lurking about. (DSLRS and big lenses start looking cheap when you are a regular race goer!) Other week, elsewhere, was in brief convo with a lady who’s trying to break in to F1 photography. No easy thing to do, even assuming you’re all tooled up and can get a pass. Be real nice if we can find these people and give them a little audience as they find their feet.

  3. “Jenson Button became the youngest ever F1 driver, age 20, when Williams announced he had been given a 5 year contract.”

    Button wasn’t the youngest ever F1 driver. Mike Thackwell was 19 in 1980 when he drove at the Canadian GP

    “The holder of the youngest driver mantle prior to this was Sir Sterling Moss.”

    No he wasn’t. Prior to Thackwell the youngest was Ricardo Rodriguez who drove the 1961 Italian GP at 19, Moss first drove a GP at 21.

  4. “Bart’s first piece for ‘On this Day’ will be Feb 1st.”

    Hopefully more accurate than the Jenson Button youngest ever F1 driver piece.

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