Brabham family win 3 year legal battle, Bottas discusses Williams 2013 car: FW35, Alonso responds to Her Marko – briefly, Grosjean strategy for F1 in 2013

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Brabham family win legal battle: Before the start of the 2010 season, a German businessman who bought the remains of the Super Aguri team lodged an application with the FIA to start a team under the Brabham name. The Brabham family then began court proceedings, claiming they knew nothing about the team or the businessman’s rights to use their name.

Two other legendary F1 constructors, Lola and March, also lodged applications to join the circus in 2010 but their efforts that came to nothing.

That’s where things have been for more than three years. However, the Brabham family have been waging a legal battle for almost 3 years over the rights to use the Brabham name, and on New Years Eve David Brabham commented in the German media, “…[the] predicament behind the scenes, involving the rights of the name. It’s 98 percent resolved, and when it is 100 percent we’ll see what we can do.”

It appears that David underestimated how close they really were, as 9 days later the case is resolved and the Brabham trademark has been confirmed by the German courts to be the property of the family.

David Brabham commented, “I’m delighted that this situation has finally come to an end,” said David Brabham. “It’s been a long and tiring battle, but this was something I felt we needed to do to protect the Brabham name.

“The global brand stands for success and innovation bolstered from 60 years of racing heritage, and deserves to be protected.

“This ruling will not only help future plans for the Brabham brand, but also protect the third generation of drivers, in Sam and Matthew, coming up through the ranks.”

there are those who have suggested this could see a return to the F1 arena in the near future for the famous marque. Yet for a number of reason’s this is not likely.

Jonathan Ramsey observes, “any team or naming rights owner would need to find a team to buy or buy the branding rights for. While a sufficient amount of money can always get a conversation started in F1, there probably aren’t any teams that truly fit either of those profiles right now.”

Further, on the demise of HRT and the matter of Marussia being included in the new Concorde arrangement, Mr. Ecclestone told Reuters in December, “”I’d rather have 10, I never wanted 12.” Mr. E’s  rather facile explanation was, “”It’s just that 10 is easier to handle, for the promoters, for transport.”

Mmm. Nothing to do of course with the extra $80m of extra funding he and CVC have had to find for the new teams over the past 3 years called ‘Bernie’s cash’.

Alonso responds to Marko by twitter: I hear from feedback from tj13 readers that our ‘Marko watch’ is providing good entertainment. Well, in response to Marko’s sniping in the Red Bulletin about Alonso being too political and that he should concentrate on his driving more we had a witty response last night from Fernando on twitter.

“I enjoy reading that redbull still think we will be the strongest rival for next year! And this even before start testing!! Flattered..;)” – loving the wink. If the mind games have begun I’d give it 15-0 in the first game first set to the Spaniard.

Bottas, no stepped nose. In his first interview of note, Valtteri tells Finnish broadcaster MTV3 what he thinks of the new car so far. “As far as looks [are concerned], the [2013] car is pretty much as it was last year. With the new rules, the step nose is straightened. That is the biggest difference in appearance.”

“The new car is a development version of last year’s. There are certain improvements in aerodynamics. We have tried to focus on getting more traction in corners,” added Bottas.

Following the public’s reaction to the aesthetics of last year’s cars, the FIA has allowed teams to install a “structurally irrelevant” laminate over the step in 2013.

Just for the record Valtteri, my understanding is not that the rules are mandatory and strictly speaking teams can run with the step nose if the wish. They can however either design a nose as McLaren did last year that is structurally curved or cover the stepped design with a ‘modesty panel’.

When asked about testing, he wasn’t certain whether he or Pastor would be taking the FW35 out for its debut on the first day in Jerez next month. However, “Pastor and I will share all the test dates, so six days [each],” said the Finn.

On the issue of testing, I still can’t find out what has happened to the 3 further days allowed by the FIA rules. Last year of course following the first round of fly aways and before the 1st European GP there were 3 days testing in Mugello. Prior to that all 15 days were used pre-season. Any one heard anything?

The new Grosjean strategy:Yesterday we heard from Pastor Maldonado, who probably escaped the title of ‘crashmeister’ in 2012 not by virtue of his precision driving, but because the young French Lotus driver stole the show for causing the Hollywood spectacular ‘lights, camera action’ movie type pile up he was credited with in Spa.

Maldonado however was the most penalised driver on the grid in 2012, by quite some margin and yet he told us he has no intention of changing his driving style this year. He believes it is that which has brought him multiple titles in the junior formula and is comfortable with himself when he ‘walks down the hall and looks in the mirror.

Conversely, the French stunt driver Grosjean is planning to approach the 2013 season in a different manner than he did in 2012. “I don’t think winning at all costs is the goal, because my dream is to become World Champion one day” he told French sports news programme Stade 2. “Of course, it is true that you have to win races to become the champion, but I must be careful not to mistake this goal.

“I am not crazy, I am aware of the risks and I have worked hard to fix my mistakes. In the last five races of the season I no longer had any problems and there is no reason to say that I will have them anymore.”

Romain also informed us that he and Kimi will equally share the 12 days of pre-season testing and that the latest iteration from Lotus set for a late January launch.

He added, “The next few weeks for me will feature intense training, with the presentation of the new car at the end of the month, then I will have six days of testing in February and then finally the beginning of the season in March.”

I think this most likeable and humble young man will do very well this year. I’m not suggesting quite a WDC, but look out Kimi – this boy is intelligent and very quick

Sergio arrives at McLaren: The young Mexican who has to fill the rather large boots of McLaren protegé and WDC champion arrived at the teams HQ in Woking in appropriate style – an open-top MP4-12C. His first day with his new team began by him outlining his ambitious and confident intent.

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