Drivers of 2012

Below are 3 polls for the driver of 2012 for each of the top, middle and bottom 4 teams. I suppose the point of doing something like this is to find out what people think about how various drivers have faced the varying challenges they’ve faced this year.

To that end, you can’t compare experienced drivers like Mark Webber and Pedro de la Rosa, or Romain Grosjean with Charles Pic.

Any way if you wish to vote, you can vote once in each section.

Here’s a few team mate stats to help you evaluate your gut reactions. Finished ahead only includes races where both cars finished and yes I know all stats can be made to represent something – but I didn’t want to fill the page with incomprehensible tables of numbers. Feel free to comment with your own stats and opinions in the comments section below.

HRT Drivers

  • PdR has outqualified NK 17/2
  • PdR has finished ahead of NK 8/0
  • PdR ave qualification time is 0.68s better than NK

Marussia Drivers

  • TG has outqualified CP 12/6
  • TG has finished ahead of CP 8/4
  • TG ave qualification time is 0.39s better than CP

Caterham Drivers

  • HK has outqualified VP 13/6
  • VP has finished ahead of HK 9/7
  • HK ave qualification time is 0.224s better than VP

Torro Rosso Drivers

  • DR has outqualified JEV 15/4
  • DR has finished ahead of JEV 8/6
  • DR ave qualification time is 0.337s better than JEV

Williams Drivers

  • PM has outqualified BS 17/2
  • Each driver has finished ahead of the other 7 times
  • PM ave qualification time is 0.561s better than BS

Force India Drivers

  • NH has outqualified PdR 11/8
  • NH has finished ahead of PdR 9/7
  • NH ave qualification time is 0.266s better than PdR

Sauber Drivers

  • SP has outqualified KK 10/9
  • SP has finished ahead of KK 6/4
  • SP ave qualification time is 0.013s better then KK

Mercedes Drivers

  • MS has outqualified NR 10/9
  • MS has finished ahead of NR 6/3
  • MS ave qualification time is 0.227s better than NR

Lotus Drivers

  • RG has outqualified KR 10/8
  • KR has finished ahead of RG 10/2
  • RG ave qualification time is 0.067s better than KR

Ferrari Drivers

  • FA has outqualified FM 17/2
  • FA has finished ahead of FM 16/0
  • FA ave qualification time is 0.360s better than FM

McLaren Drivers

  • LH has outqualified JB 16/3
  • LH has finished ahead of JB 9/4
  • LH ave qualification time is 0.286 better than JB

Red Bull Drivers

  • SV has outqualified MW 11/8
  • SV has finished ahead of MW 11/5
  • SV ave qualification time is 0.125s better than MW

Polls will be open for 1 weeks and then automatically close.

I’m torn between Alonso and Kimi in the top group. To return to F1 after 2 years away is not easy and Kimi is the only driver to complete every racing lap this year. Alonso of course has driven a ‘truck’ and is still in with a shout of the title.

In the mid-field I’m stuck between Hulkenberg and Schumacher. I feel Schumacher has acquitted himself very well against Rosberg all things considered, and I am with the 84% of thejudge13 readers who thinks he should not retire. Hulkenberg has again been out for a year and joined a team with a resident driver and just about beaten him on all levels.

Riccardio gets it for me in the bottom 4. He has comprehensively beaten JEV hands up in a car that has been pants.

Tell me what you think…


5 responses to “Drivers of 2012

  1. Judge, the qualifying stats are after grid penalties are applied which makes them meaningless as a performance indicator. Example Massa is shown as being out qualified by Alonso at the last GP and Grosjean by Kimi which isn’t a correct reflection of who was quicker on the day.

    Sky and f1fanatic do the stats with grid penalties applied which I’m still trying to figure out why as it makes no sense. Every other publication I’ve seen does it before the grid penalties like even Ben when he’s quoting the qualy stats on the BBC!

    These sites have proper up to date stats or

    The Manipe one was the best but it’s a goner!

    • I tried manipe as you advised and then it stopped producing stats 🙁

      I have adjusted the Schumacher and Lewis’ quali comparisons for their penalties in Barcelona and monaco.

      let me check out the site you suggest because I do agree with your premise.

      • The Hamilton one is right but the Schumacher one should be 11-10 to Schum so he must have had another penalty somewhere. I’d say the others are nearly all effected!

        Ya, the Manipe guy stopped traveling the globe covering F1 to do a phd in mathematics!

        Qualifying should be the same on both them sites but on races the f1revs takes into account if a driver stops on the final laps and counts it as a DNF rather than a finish even if they are still classified as it effects their stats performance.

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