Jenson denies following Lewis but deletes the evidence!

Its Monday and I’m all Grosjean, Kimi and ALonso’d out – time for a bit of fun and where best to turn but to Lewis and his Twitter machine.

Whilst lying on the couch, watching TV last night, I had my lap top open and twitter rolling away. A tweet from Lewis arrived and I was expecting him to be competeing with guru Alonso who had sung, (@alo_oficial) “5 great races coming! If the enemy thinks in the mountains, attack by sea, if they think in the sea, attack by the mountains”.

I sat up quickly. Maybe Lewis would give us another Martin Luther King quote from the book he’s been reading for most of this year.

Twittergate #2

But no, we got this from @LewisHamilton, “Just noticed @JensonButton unfollowed [me], thats a shame. After 3 years as teammates, I thought we respected one another but clearly he doesn’t.”

A couple of minutes later Lewis continues in another tweet “Funny thing is, we are STILL teammates! All good tho, I plan on giving this team & fans all I got til I cross the finish line in brazil!!!”. For those of you who don’t use twitter (and at times I don’t bl;ame you) what then followed was Lewis being told by very very many people to grow up.

Several minutes later we then got “My bad, just found out Jenson never followed me. Don’t blame him! [I] Need to be on Twitter more!”.

Now first, we have to be careful about criticising drivers for breaking the coporate shackles that restrict them communicating with us – to that end I think people should enjoy Lewis on twitter, not call him names.

Lewis had been very quite in the twitterland since signing for Mercedes and for 10 days we had heard nothing. Last Friday he reappeared in twitterdom Lewis explained to us, “Hey everyone!! I’m sorry I disappeared, phone issues but now got new one. So I’m back…” since then we’ve had Lewis showing appreciation to fans all weekend in many tweets – “All Good”.

A vision of normality

What made me smile was the idea that Lewis had actually lost his telephone (and was not just lying low)  and that last night after the race he decided to finally catch up with his twitter business.

Twitter is a place where those of us who are insecure often check to see how many followers we have and whether some have left us and maybe others have joined. Lewis last night had 1,126,172 followers – yes over 1 million people like me following him.

What I loved was the fantastic picture of absolute normality in Lewis’ life that arrested my mind.

Scneario: Regular ‘Joe’, hard day at work – Lewis trudges home to his downbeat neighbourhood condo. He throws his hat and coat in the corner and collapses onto his rickety bed – the room is dimly lit by a single bulb hanging from some flex.  Lewis pulls out his beat up phone and starts checking out who is exactly still “in his twitter crowd”.  Suddenly he sits bolt upright! – (dramatic music) Jenson was no longer there!!!

Jenson makes mischief

Last week Jenson tweeted a well know UK F1 writer that he never followed Lewis to prove that he hadn’t “unfollowed” him. But then today we discovered Jenson has removed the tweet where he claimed he had never followed Lewis. (JB Tweet)

Why would you do that Jenson – delete a tweet? Aha – so Jenson once had a secret admiration for Lewis from afar but now Lewis is leaving him for another love – he wants to pretend it never happened. Alternatively, Maybe someone has a screen shot of Jenson’s twitter account that shows he was actually following Lewis at some point. Denial removed.

More interestingly is that Jenson has very recently added his new teammate Perez to the list of people who he is following. (JB Following) Lewis spurned, Jenson has a new love to court and woo!

When asked for his first reaction to the news Perez was joining McLaren, Jenson quipped, ‘It made me smile because I love margaritas and sombreros. There’s a good picture of me somewhere wearing a sombrero and not much else!’ (Daily Mail)

We all need Lewis on twitter

More images flood my mind as Lewis chastises himself for getting it all wrong about Jenson (when he was actually correct) and vows to spend more time on twitter – YES YES YES.

Smooth, suave, sophisticated Jenson Button, has a life so full of entertainment he feels he doesn’t need to follow Lewis for kicks, but not me.

I yearn for those moments when Lewis’ avatar pops up and speaks to me – please keep on speaking through the twittersphere Lewis  – we don’t mind whether its “my bad”, “your bad”, all bad” or “WTF?”.

Time for another cup of tea. Lapsang Souchong methinks…

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8 responses to “Jenson denies following Lewis but deletes the evidence!

  1. i wonder how vodafone feels about lewis having “phone issues?” in ten days they couldn’t have fixed it for him, one way or another?

  2. There’s one thing for sure, the lives of Whitmarsh and the McLaren PR dept, are going to get a whole lot easier next year. The amount of time Whitmarsh spends with the media, explaining things relating to Hamilton is astounding. I wonder if Brawn is as understanding and patient.

    • You forget, Ross has the undying commitment of his new buddy – Nikki to help out with Lewis.

      • Nikki doesn’t strike me as a man of patience and understanding! Sounds like it going to be a soap opera at Mercedes next year especially if they have many weekends where the car is as rubbish as this last one.

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